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Cat welcomes us to the second part of the season finale, in one of those toga-esque dresses that make me love her, and then gives way for a huge group number in which several of America's non-favorite dancers perform their big flashy disco-y number from The Wiz, the one where they use the picture frame, nicely updated to make use of the bigger stage, not to mention all the lights around the stage.

Then Cat comes back out, thanking the top 20 dancers, with special thanks to the top four, who are projected on the screen behind her, with the audience cheering for each one. Jeanine gets the biggest cheer, as it happens.

And Lil' C, Mia Michaels (dressed like she's going to a funeral), Tyce Diorio, Debbie Allen, Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy and Nigel are all at the judges' table. Actually, they're all in black, with various accessories. And then we're right into the montages, which inexplicably feature Sex. Sex is the first person we see. [I am sending out prayers that he's not a part of Season 6. -- Angel] Tons of highlights, like Melissa the naughty ballerina, the same-sex ballroom dancers, and then the sexless Sex again, Mary crying when she sees Brandon audition... and then we're into Vegas, and Mia bitching about Brandon and Mary getting annoyed about it. We see the top twenty dancers making their walk down video alley, and then we're into dance highlights -- which is good, because I'd forgotten that breast cancer is bad -- and then there's Mia saying that Brandon is amazing, and then there are some eliminations, and now we're down to the top four.

Cat says we're going to be revisiting some of the favorite routines of the season, plus one or two surprises. Hey, maybe they can hype a dance by a non-dancer as "the performance of a lifetime," and then get all self-righteous about people being understandably disappointed by pointing out that it was done for a children's charity! That would be fun!

And then because we have two hours to fill, we get a recap of what happened last night, and when that's done, Cat announces that she's going to ask the judges what their favorite routines. Adam acts all surprised by the question, and then says he loved Taboleon's first routine of the season, "Mad," both because it featured Phillip Chbeeb and started Jeanine on her rise to dominance, and then we watch the routine again. Nice to see Phillip again, what with their being a shutout of hip-hoppers in the top 10.

Nigel picks the Argentine tango down by Janette and Brandon, and he says he didn't know at the time that Janette and Brandon would become stars. I think everyone's just relieved that he didn't make some horndog comment about some piece that featured skimpy clothing on a woman one-third his age. It's the finale, he's in formal wear, we're going for elegance, and Janette and Brandon come out to class up the joint with the tango again.

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