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Finally, it's Gev and Courtney G., who danced for the New York Knicks. Not at the Gold Club, one would hope. She says you need to have heart and determination to be on this show. She's partnered with Gev, who's from Kazakhstan, where he says there's no opportunity, and no Borat-esque commentator to highlight its problems.

They're doing disco with Doriana Sanchez. People think disco is easy, but is it, Doriana? No! It's really fun! Fun like wearing a T-shirt with an Abu Ghraib prisoner on it, I suppose, hey Gev? "Boogie Wonderland" by Earth Wind and Fire is the soundtrack for the arm-twisting and entwined bodies. They twirl in yellow and white. He spins her a million times, and then lifts her and spins her some more, then lifts her above his head and spins some more. The way they keep their balance after all that spinning is amazing to me. My inner ear exploded just from watching them. Towards the end, he lifts her, throws her up so she can twirl and he can catch her again. They don't exactly stick the landing.

Nigel's not enamored, even though he loves disco and Doriana Sanchez. He says it looked more like Disco Duck. "There was no feel for it. It was just like, 'we are choreographed and here's the music,'" he says. Mary starts off her remarks by screaming about disco queen Doriana Sanchez being back, and she is also in favor of Courtney. She yells at Gev about how he was good dancing a tough routine, and Dan says the same kind of thing -- good, not great, could have been tighter -- in an indoor voice. It's a bit of a downer on the end of the show, with this dance getting easily the most criticism of all the routines. Courtney looks stricken, wondering if she should have wasted her money on a summer pass for the Hot Tamale Train.

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