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It's set to "No Air" by Jordin Sparks & Chris Brown, and it begins with the two of them on stage, reading a letter, which, judging from Katee's anguished response, is either a letter from her doctor saying they need to discuss the results of her STD test, or Joshua's heading off to war. Katee dances a solo spaz, and then he dance-comforts her. She throws him aside, and then appears to pull him back by one leg. Nicely executed, especially by him. Of all the dancers, I figured she'd be one grinning the whole time, but her face reads: misery. And the dance ends with a spin that takes the jacket off him and onto her.

So: interpretive hip-hop. I liked it better than Napolitha's first piece, certainly much better than I would have figured I would. Nigel liked it, saying it might be his favorite piece of the evening. He wasn't sure about Katee at first, but was convinced when they started dancing together, saying they were really good as a couple. Mary praises the effortless movement by Joshua, which she wasn't expecting from him. She says it got her, because she's got a loved one in Iraq. Dan talks about how they killed the unison parts. "That is not easy. You guys both killed it." He says Katee held her own, even though he didn't think she had a chance, and says Joshua comes across as a humble, unassuming guy, and becomes a different person on stage.

Contemporary dancer Jessica King questioned her own abilities, at least until she won a ticket to Vegas. She's the one who was so excited she misspelled Vegas as "Veags," but it might be because like such as some U.S. Americans they don't have maps in the Iraq. She's dancing with Will. They're dancing the tango, choreographed by Hunter Johnson. Jessica's excited about dancing such a sensual dance with such a good-looking guy. They make a handsome couple.

They dance to "Tango" by Cirque de Soleil. He drags her across the stage. They seem slightly sloppy to me at first, but then settle down towards the middle, which featured a lot of twirling, and pull off a nice finishing move, a hands-clasped two-handed lift of her behind his back onto his shoulders.

Nigel praises the choreography, noting Hunter's throwing some tough routines at the dancers. He calls Will "majestic," and says Jessica was wonderful, although he notes she had some wobbles on her heels. Mary does her thing where she talks all sternly, pretending like she's about to criticize you, and then starts screaming about how awesome you are. I don't know why she bothers with the charade; she's completely transparent. She largely echoes what Nigel said -- Jessica a little less comfortable but overall excellent. Dan says they were hot like fire up there.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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