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Comfort and Chris are up next, she of the hip-hop. She talks about partner-dancing with her brother before, but couldn't handle looking at her brother all sexual. Is that a requirement? And if it is, isn't faking it a large part of partnering anyway? We revisit Chris being told by Nigel that sometimes he has the personality of a tree. I'm not sure why that's a problem; there are some funny-ass birch trees in my backyard.

They're dancing the jive by Tony Meredith, and Chris talks an awful lot about Comfort's booty. But I guess when the executive producer of the show you're on is in the habit of openly salivating at the female contestants, you might as well follow suit, right? "Boom Boom" by Big Head Todd and the Monsters. They dance under individual spotlights and strobe lights. She's in a white beaded-fringe bikini and he has on a rhinestone-studded vest. They nail the jive, although certain elements come off slightly corny -- you know, like strumming her leg like a guitar.

Nigel, naturally, thanks to some unwelcome prompting from Cat, starts off going on Comfort talking to him about wearing a bra and panties. Savvy move on Comfort's part; Nigel says Mary's sprinklers -- now they're her sprinklers -- are going to go off. "You set yourself on fire," he says, and praises Chris for keeping up with her, saying his personality kept up with her, which it'll need to. He advises Comfort to use her knees more when dancing in heels. He says the technique could stand a little improvement, but the personality is a hundred percent there. He reveals that Comfort's dancing with a shoulder injury; it was dislocated in rehearsal, but she got it all click-clicked back in place. Mary screams about how she was kicking it, and also points out that Comfort has legs. "Respectable job," she says. Dan addresses Chris, saying he did a great job keeping up with Comfort, since she's larger than life, and they have to demonstrate a chemistry together, since they're packaged as a couple now.

Katee and Joshua are next, and we're reminded how she's BFF with Natalie, but skip over the whole thing where Katee almost blew her spot in the Top 20. Joshua talks about playing sports growing up, and how his mom kept him sheltered from hard times growing up. They're dancing a Napoleon/Tabitha hip-hop routine in which he's a soldier going off to war. ["Do you think that they purposely put unlikable people, such as Katee, with huggable people, like Joshua, so that you are forced to vote to keep annoying people on the show in order to get your favorites to stick around? Or is that just me?" -- Angel]

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So You Think You Can Dance




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