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Chelsie H. and Mark are up next. Chelsie talks about relying on dancing to help get her through the vague hard times she had growing up. Mark grew up in Hawaii, and for some reason growing up on an island means you have to find "your own little voice," says he. They'll be doing a contemporary piece choreographed by Mia Michaels. She says she's choreographing what Tim Burton's wedding would be like. Mark struggles early on, and Mia frets that he's not "getting it."

They dance to "Beautiful" by Meshell Ndegeocello. They are wearing much more white than I'd imagine at Tim Burton's wedding. Oh, he's a bird. He flits about. So does she. There is a lot of flitting. Then they sit down, and he rolls her down his legs and then somersaults over top of her. Nice. He does a bunch of lifting of her in which I can't really make out anything that's going on, because her skirts flap all over the place. Mia Michaels, love her or hate her, or, like me, remain utterly bewildered by her.

"Hell of a wedding reception that was, wasn't it?" asks Nigel, and suggests Mia has some strange relationships. Perhaps Nigel doesn't know who Tim Burton is? I don't know how you judge such interpretive things. I would be awful on a judges panel for Mia's dancing. Then again, a lot of the comments for her pieces are vague approximations of feelings about intangibles, right? Nigel loves it, and so did Mary, who praises the timing on the lifts, since those are hard to do. Dan says it must be an experience to take a trip inside Mia Michaels' head. He thought it was amazing.

About one year later than we should have, Twitch is going to take the stage. He talks about how last year it came down to him and Hok. In some of the interviews, he's shaved off the facial hair, which makes him look about ten years younger. He's dancing with Kherington, who missed her high school graduation to be here. They're doing a Tyce Diorio Broadway joint called "Too Darn Hot" from Kiss Me Kate. Very sleek and sexy, Twitch tells us, who keeps getting kicked in the face by Kherington.

She climbs up his back and falls to the side, him catching her. They dance around each other, while she kicks, managing to miss him. I normally hate this kind of dance, but she's great, and he's revelatory for a hip-hop dancer, and they end in an embrace on stage.

Nigel loves them, and I wish for once he could praise specific dance things a woman does, at the very least before he goes on about his boner. He praises Twitch. Mary yells at everyone to look up at the ceiling because the sprinkler system is about to go off. This would be bad news for Mary, because since she can't keep her mouth closed, she'd soon drown. She hollers at Kherington about how good she is, and screams at Twitch that she's proud of him. Dan adds to the compliments of Kherington, and says Twitch ain't exactly a traditional Broadway dancer, but he's never been much for tradition. Let's hear it for Twitchington!

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So You Think You Can Dance




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