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Nigel says Matt needs a little more personality, and that it's like someone took a broomstick and shoved it where the sun don't shine. "I'd like to see in future weeks, if you're still here, for you to relax a little bit," he tells him. As for Kourtni Nigel and Cat talk about Blonde Women Whom Kourtni Looks Like. Thanks for the dance advice! Mary thought they did a great job. Then she starts yelling. She said the only time they seemed heavy was when Matt seemed to struggle with a lift. Cat pokes the sleeping bear by asking if the dance was good enough for the hot tamale train, but Mary demurs, saying it was not quite there. Dan says the concept and choreography and everything was great, but it was a so-so performance. "You gotta attack it," he says. On the other hand, points out Cat, she feels normal-sized next to Matt.

Next up are Chelsea T. and Thayne. Chelsea's parents are from Jamaica, and she knows they're going to be psyched for her. She seems really sweet. Thayne says when he was younger he got made fun of for dancing, so he quit, because his self-esteem wasn't strong enough, but started up again six years ago.

They're dancing the cha-cha, choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie. Chelsea and Thayne are both contemporary dancers and, judging from the sweat in their first rehearsal, are working their asses off.

"Oye Como Va," some kind of trance mix by Celia Cruz. You have to work to make the cha-cha sexy, but the dance itself meets you halfway, doesn't it? These two take it the rest of the way and then some, sizzling all over the floor. They snap their movements. Chelsea smolders right through the television. Thayne does too, although he clowns it up just slightly more than she does. I could do with a lot less grinning, seriously. It's a thing I have. But at least with these too it looks involuntary, like they're having an absolute blast out there. They're fantastic, which means I start to dread the judges' comments, fearing a shriek from Mary. Nigel loved it, saying he wondered at first how Matt was going to contain this "creature" next to him, but he pulled it off. He mentions a dance move that I can't even begin to spell. There is talk of standing on the platform of the hot tamale train. Mary laughs and yells and lavishes praise on them. Dan: "Damn, girl. I mean, come on. Sex-ay. She's hot." He jokes that Chelsea made eye contact with Nigel and then he didn't know what do with himself. I imagine Nigel had a few ideas, though.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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