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"Only the best of the best remain!" Cat tells us before introducing the top 20 again, each doing their own little moves. I admit to being more than a little excited. I wish they would all do backflips. I briefly wonder how Cat decides to introduce some of the dancers with a "Heeeeere's....." before their names, and am briefly outraged that Twitch didn't merit one. "These are the girls, and here are your guys!" I love the advancing wall of dancers, segregated by sex. They are coming for us!

Cat strides out, avoids getting felt up by the boys, and introduces the "jidges" -- well, she cops out by getting the crowd to say it. Dan Karaty is joining the judges, and Cat asks him, since he wasn't in Vegas, what he expects. Dan says he doesn't know, because this season, unlike the other seasons, in which there were clear frontrunners, the title is up for grabs this year. I don't still have last year's tapes, and I didn't watch the first two seasons, but I feel confident in saying that every year the title is supposedly up for grabs. Why must they lie to us? Mary talks about the growing pool each season of dancers from Vegas, meaning the Top 20 is really good. Nigel tells Cat that she is the frontrunner, and leers at her legs. She handles it with her typical aplomb. I mean, he does sign her paychecks.

And then it's off to a montage of the current Top 20. "I just fell in love!" Mary tells Joshua, and Tabitha yells at the Vegas would-bes that, due to this being So You Think You Can Dance, easy it will not be. Some acoustic song, probably being used at a high school graduation at this very moment, plays. Things are in slow motion as we struggle to remember all the way back to May of this year. Look how young they are were! What a long, strange trip it's been.

First up: Rayven and Jamie. Rayven is the oldest competitor. She's studied in New York, but dropped out to help her mom through a rough year. West Coast swing dancer Jamie auditioned with his girlfriend auditioned together. She got cut in Vegas though, which shocked him.

They're doing a hip-hop routine from Tabitha and Napoleon. Jamie seems to realize he's not very gangsta, and starts throwing gang signs to compensate, and bought himself a hoodie that he figured was plenty bad-ass even before he found out that it has a boar's head on the hood. Represent wild swine, y'all!

They dance to "American Boy" by Estelle feat. Kanye West. Rayven seems to be spraypainting Jamie into life. There's some finger-snapping and chest-bumping. Huge smiles; they're very agreeable hip-hoppers, even whilst grabbing their crotches. Hey, kids! Do you like the hip-hop! Well, here's some of that hip-hop for you! It's safe as milk, despite a move in which Rayven yanks Jamie's pants down.

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