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Comfort says the best thing about Chris is that he's so humble. "He has a very good spirit. Everybody can see that." Chris calls Comfort very versatile. But then she sometimes talks really fast, like it's a different language. He sweats too much! Awesome.

They're doing a krump routine by Lil' C. Chris says he's never krumped before. Really? You're whiter than I am, Chris. Lil' C says, "That's buck." Chris doesn't know what that means. It means banoodles!

They dance to a Timbaland joint that sounds like it has to be censored a lot for broadcast. I don't buy Chris at all, although he does his best. I can't tell if this is any good. It seems to me that if krump is specific enough to be classified separately from hip-hop, then there's only so much that can be done with it. At least until a choreographer comes along who makes me say, "That guy's going to change the way we think about krump!" It's krump. That's what it was.

Mia says she's a huge fan of Comfort, and says she'll be around a long time if she keeps doing what she's doing. As for Chris, she says he must have worked hard, because he pulled it off. Mary's laughing her arse off again, and it's because she's a "krump specialist." She says Comfort could have hit it a little harder and blah blah. She says Chris was respectable but Comfort blew him away. The audience boos. "If you're going to boo that, get ready," Nigel instructs the audience. He calls it an alpha-male dance, a "lion's roar." And then this: "Chris, my granny is more gangsta than you." Hee! Even Lil' C is laughing at that. Then he goes overboard with the "butch" and Incredible Hulk comments. You know, this might be the only show on television where a person can be chided for not grabbing his crotch aggressively enough. Oh, and he expected more from Comfort too. Chris, not gangsta? He commandeers Cat's mic to plead with America to remember Mia's comments. I'm thinking tomorrow night Nigel's granny is going to bust a cap in that ass.

If you are bandoodles for So You Think You Can Dance, talk about it in our forums. Or if you just got your ticket on the hot tamale train and need a little more visual stimulation before you make up your mind on who the best dancer on the show is, check out our fantastic video recaps.

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