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Twitch says the best thing about Kherington is her ability to say things are going to be OK. Because then they are OK! "And I find that to be very necessary, because I am the one to freak out." Kherington loves that Twitch is so muscular and can lift her. The worst thing about her, is her strong legs that he keeps getting kicked in his face. The worst thing about him is that he wears fake glasses. Like so fake that he doesn't have lenses in them, so she can just poke his eyes out. If Twitch is listening to this, I think he should amend his "worst thing about Kherington" to "she plans to poke my eyes out." Or "the worst thing is that her name makes her sound like she's the head snob at the rich kids' camp in an '80s movie."

They're dancing a Viennese waltz by Jean-Marc Genereux, who explains that the song has personal meaning for him, since it's inspired by his daughter, who has Rett syndrome and no motor control. He says the only thing that excites her is people movie, so he hopes she enjoys the dance. He can barely keep himself composed as he talks, and I have to admit that he got to me. Nothing scares me more than the thought of my daughter sick with something like that. If you're a parent, you know what I mean. So let's move on.

I don't know if I'm going to be able to criticize -- oh, the song is by Celine Dion. Well, that makes it easier. Oh, and the audience is holding up their arms and swaying! That also sucks! The dancing itself is very good, as far as I can tell. The difference between this and Mia Michaels' routine about her dad last year was at least this is a particular style that can be compared to other practitioners instead of just dancers leaping about on stage. Where it's similar is that hearing the background of this routine before actually watching it seems unfair because criticism of a highly personal routine can be taken highly personally.

Mia doesn't have that problem, though. She starts by praising the choreography, since she knows what it's like to put something intensely personal on stage. Having said that: Kherington, did you have to smile the entire time? Mia's completely missed that the song itself is actually uplifting, and so the smile's appropriate. Nigel interrupts to tell her so, pissing her right off -- rightfully so, too; she's here to give her opinion, wrong or not. I'd rather listen to Mia Michaels get it wrong like this than Mary screeching and laughing her way through another critique. She did, however, like Twitch, and says she'll shut up now. Mary almost cries as she talks about how good Kherington was, and calls Twitch "insane." She can't believe his flowing curves and lines. Nigel calls it a French-Canadian Viennese waltz, and then gives a little history lesson on the dance itself. He calls it a beautiful routine and congratulates them for dancing it so beautifully.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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