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Courtney says Gev is really strong, and reminisces about how he threw her and flipped her during the disco routine. Gev says Courtney is really pretty, and the worst thing about her is that she has a boyfriend. Unspoken: "Because otherwise I'd be hittin' that." Not that he'd have a chance, since she bitches that he's too short, and when she wears heels, she's almost as tall as he is.

They're doing a contemporary piece by Mandy Moore, who thinks Gev is a bit of an underdog, and she wants to see what they can pull out of him. She calls it a love story between a man and a woman. Gev gives Mandy a thumbs-up for the routine.

"Lost" by Anouk is the music. They seem sleepy. Sunday-morning lovers lounging, at least until he throws her over his shoulders and twirls her around, and the energy picks up. I normally hate contemporary, but I don't hate this. They do a neat little foot-locking thing, and seem very connected.

Cat says she just got chills, and turns to Mia to find out what she thinks. "Mandy Moore, I love your choreography," she says. It's never a good sign when the judge delays saying what she thought of the dancers by focusing on the choreographer. She says she thought Courtney needed to melt into him a little more, and that sometimes it seemed like she was the man. She was proud of Gev, though, saying he was a good partner. Then Mary screeches that she loved it. She laughs a lot, and mentions the foot-thing she did. I'm always surprised when Mary focuses on something I liked. I feel like I'm wrong, or I should have screamed it and then laughed at everything else I said. Nigel says they danced it well, but he didn't really believe them. He gets booed and has to remind the crowd that it's a subjective thing. "As an emotional dance routine, it wasn't there for me." Also not there: Gev and Courtney, who skip off stage before Cat finishes pimping the phone numbers for them.

Katee thinks Joshua is a caring partner: "I love that about him." Joshua loves her smile, which makes him smile. Unfortunately, Katee says Joshua's always picking at her though. Oh, ouch. Joshua says Katee always does an annoying weird little dance whenever there's an awkward silence. Katee disputes that, and the video footage seems to confirm that Joshua's not above pulling them himself.

Tyce Diorio is giving them a Broadway routine, and we're instantly into jokes about jazz hands. "All For The Best" from Godspell, features them in '30s outfits (with a few slight modern touches -- Joshua has a little bit of Kiss makeup and Katee has a teardrop cheek tattoo). They're doing almost a marionnettey thing, featuring him lifting her quite a bit. Then there's some corny cane work, and running, which is the point I just wait for it to be over. It flits really quickly from one thing to the next, like some kind of dance medley.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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