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They dance to Nicole Scherzinger's "Whatever U Like." Well, that would explain the boob-grabbing. Uh-oh -- there are chairs on stage. It's like a hip-hop jazz routine, they use hats as props -- and then is that Russian dancing? They don't seem as synchronized as they need to be, at least not by the end, but it's a high-energy routine, albeit a little too glee-clubby, Jessica mostly.

Mia calls the choreography "ridiculous," by which I think she means "banoodles." She says if Jessica has a partner like Will, she needs to set herself on fire, and that she didn't really buy it from her, that she was like a cheerleader. Then she calls Will a genius. "Do you realize that Mia Michaels just called you a genius?" asks Cat. Will, basically: "Yeah." Heh. I like Will. Mary agrees with Mia, but Nigel defends Jessica. Yes, Nigel. She is hot. He's even nicer to Will, saying he'll be in the top four at the end of the year.

Matt says Kourtni is tall and beautiful, but his favorite feature is her eyes. "Sometimes I get lost in them," he says. Kourtni reciprocates by saying the best thing about Matt is that he's always complimenting her. His worst feature, she says, is that he's a terrible singer. Her worst feature? She doesn't recognize awesome singing. From the video evidence, I'm finding in favor of Matt.

Jean-Marc Genereux is teaching them a foxtrot routine this week. Kourtni is relatively confident Matt's not going to drop her on her head, but Genereux warns everyone to "buckle up!" It's the potentially-most-brain-damaging routine ever!

They dance to "A Foggy Day (In London Town)" by Michael Bublé, Ol' Light Blue Eyes himself. They are graceful and effortless; Kourtni falls backwards and Matt catches her before she concusses herself, so that's good too.

Mia calls the routine "great old Hollywood elegance." She thinks Matt is fantastic, and contradicts how Nigel says Matt has no personality. However, she feels the only time Kourtni feels strong is when her leg is in the air. Cough. Mia feels Kourtni's not comfortable enough with her size yet, but the routine was good nonetheless. Mary praises the choreography, but says the rest was a mixed bag. "We expect a lot from you. I expect a lot from you," she says, pointing out that they're excellent technical dancers, but their footwork wasn't good. Nigel says he wasn't disappointed at all, and says Matt is very strong to be able to lift Kourtni. "Thank you," she says, laughing, because she knows he's referring to her height. He calls the routine "twee" and says there was a bit of "fake performance," with funny little faces. "The minute we feel as though it's a dishonest performance, we're not going to enjoy it as much," he says, before adding that overall he thought it was good. "You sucked, but somehow it was good," essentially.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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