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They're doing the Argentine tango this week, by Alex da Silva. So since they're supposed to look like they want to do each other, the whole brother/sister relationship is going to pose a problem. We watch them learn the steps, and Chelsie talks about how weird it is to be that close to him, since he's like her big brother. Mark calls himself a carnivore, and then "growls" -- and, yeah, judging from that, sexual tension is going to be completely non-existent.

"Mi Confession" by the Gotan Project is the music for the tango, on a stage bathed in red. They're very good, with Chelsea responsible for most of the interesting parts with her leg kicks and twirls. At one point she kicks her leg all the way back and almost nails herself in the head. I'm surprised by Mark's slimy intensity. They're good.

After they stop, Cat helps Chelsie with her "shoe emergency" -- her left pinkie is poking out of the shoe. Cat folds herself all the way down to her knees to stuff the wayward pinkie back where it's supposed to be. I suppose it ups the degree of difficulty of your dance when only ninety percent of your toes are sufficiently shod. ["Mia seems extraordinarily fascinated about the fact that Cat got her hands dirty... almost like she was hitting on her. Interesting." -- Angel]

Mia calls them the "most perfect and odd couple," representing beauty and quirkiness, which are the two qualities she loves the most (apart from hippy-dippy pronouncements about how she loves everything). She calls it fantastical. "You know what I loved about that? Everything," says Mary. She praises Chelsie's leg action, the slips and, uh, ganchos?, and says Mark looked like a movie star, adding he's emerged from the quirkiness and took on the character of the tango. Nigel pretends like he's about to shit on the routine, before saying he liked it, although he would have liked to see a little more fire -- also sleaziness -- from Chelsie, and praises Mark.

Will says the best thing about Jessica is her personality, because she so crazy! Jessica says the best thing about Will is that he's really focused -- which can also be a bad thing. Will says the worst thing about Jessica is her "internal battle," by which he means she's really tough on herself.

They're doing Cicely and Olisa's hip-hop routine. "America finally gets to see me relax and chill out and put a smile on my face!" says Will. America: "Woo!" Jessica appears to be working on some boob-pushing moves.

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