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The remaining eighteen dancers shake and shimmy their way through the introductions, providing me with another opportunity to memorize which one is Chelsea and which is Chelsie, and which one is Kourtni and which one is Courtney. Here are your gulls, and here are your guys.

Joining the judges tonight is Mia Michaels, so get ready for vague touchy-feely and madeup words like "banoodles," which means "insane," according to Mia, who ought to know. Awesomely, she says there are some dancers who she won't be sorry to see go, because she's not super attached to them just yet.

The how-do-we-pad-this-out-to-two-hours question of the week is what the best thing and worst things about the dancers' partners are. I'm putting the over/under on how often the "best thing" is that a partner is "sooo good-looking" at 4.5.

Thayne thinks Chelsea is always positive and then imitates her with some tired head-bobbing hand-snapping. She thinks he's always in a good mood. Worst? Apparently she sleeps a lot. And he's superstitious -- he's always knocking on wood. She also invents the word "exuberating."

Mandy Moore's jazz routine this week is about a king and his forbidden love to the tune "Untouched" by The Veronicas. Mandy seems nonplussed by Thayne constantly knocking on wood. Looking at him in his exposed costume, he's the king of Studio 54, perhaps. Chelsea in a ruff with an overall medieval-French-maid-porn look. This doesn't look like jazz to me so much as contemporary with some hip-hop, with its herky-jerky movements. I'm happy to be wrong, and I'm for melding genres anyway, as long as no one fuses ballet with, say, line-dancing.

Unfortunately, it's actually kind of boring, and Mia gets booed for saying so. She says the concept was cool, but the two of them didn't execute it well enough. She calls Thayne "dumpy" and "not regal enough." She votes for kicking them off the "hot tamale train." Mary didn't like it either, and tells them they are now in the caboose of the hot tamale train. I'm not sure if that's such a bad thing; some people prefer to be in the caboose. Nigel didn't like it either, and rags on their costumes (acknowledging the costumes aren't the dancers' fault) and to continue running the metaphor into the ground, says the hot tamale train has jumped the tracks. Thayne tries to get a little applause sent Mandy's way, and she's in the crowd with a "yeah, thanks, I'm good" expression on her face.

Mark says Chelsie's best attribute is the scent of her hair, while she says he's really quirky. "He's really his own person," she says, but adds she's really outgoing and he's really quiet so it's hard to partner with him sometimes, and he says she's kind of like a little sister.

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