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Vegas Callbacks No. 2

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Brothers Gonna Work It Out

Back in the waiting room, there are two women left, and the Kasprzak brothers, and Cat breaks the news that there's one spot left for a woman and one left for a guy. Nobody has to draw the brothers a picture. They hug, and we go to commercial.

The Kasprzaks hold hands and hug. Evan tries the glass half-full perspective, which is that at least one of them's going to be in the top 20. But he's got tears in his eyes. The remaining women are Deena Brickly, contemporary dancer, who we're told we met in Miami but I don't recall, and Asuka Kondoh, ballroom dancer. They stand before the judges. Debbie says she knows they know that one of them is going through, and one is not. "One of you was so exciting to watch. One of you was very powerful but didn't seem to take enough risks, and didn't go the distance that we want to see," says Debbie, who then tells Deena that it's the end of her journey, and she welcomes Asuka to the top 20. The girls hug, and hold each other walking off the stage.

Backstage, Cat's doing her best to keep the tears flowing as she asks how the brothers will feel if the others make it. They keep hugging as they walk towards the stage. Back with the other dancers, Deena starts in with the body-wracking sobs, and Asuka hugs her before being like, "OK, I'm going to start being happy for me now!" and starts getting excited.

The Kasprzaks take the stage. We watch some interviews, Evan saying how great it is to dance with his best friend. Ryan talks about everything he's heard through his career: "You're too short, you're too fat, you're too bald, we don't need a tap dancer," and for four years that kept him on the couch. It was always only ever his fear that kept him from dancing, he says. "All those things that I thought would keep me from being on the show, might be why I make the show," he says.

Nigel tells the brothers they're similar in style, acknowledging that Ryan choreographed Evan. He says they felt they just decided there was only room for one of that style. Nigel gets right to the point and tells Ryan to be proud, because it's probably his choreography that got his brother into the top 20. The brothers hug -- Adam looks shattered, watching the brothers. He really seems to feel for the rejected contestants -- and Nigel encourages Ryan to keep it up, and that he crossed off "too short, too fat, and too bald" the first moment he saw him dance, and says he looked fine during West Side Story and doesn't always need a cap. Ryan takes it off, and keeps his chin up. Backstage, he hugs his brother and then shoves him away so his brother can go join the rest of the top 20. Maybe he should do a flea hop! And not a, um, "fleet" hop, as I misheard last night.

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