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Vegas Callbacks No. 2

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Ashley Valerio is on her fourth year of auditions. She tells us that she's cautiously optimistic that this is her year, but she's really nervous. She comes before the judges, and Mary talks about how she's a fighter, and she's really improved, but this is the final stop: because this time she's through to the Top 20.

Randi Evans -- did we actually meet her in Denver? I don't remember her. Mia says she has the body of a tigress, she's that powerful, but she's not quite there yet. And then she babbles about the way Randi has committed to her unitards -- unitard montage! "We love you, and we think America's gonna love you," says Mia, and they want her in the Top 20. Randi giggles and cries and can barely say she accepts for she runs squealing off the stage.

So far, seventeen dancers have made it through. Do the math. Alex Wong hopes he's getting one of the last three spots. He's a ballet dancer, but he said he was amazed when he saw all the talent dancing all the different styles in Vegas. "I just wanna show who I am, and I just love it," he tells us.

He gets up before the judges, and Nigel says they adore him and think he's one of their strongest dancers. However, he is under contract to the Miami Ballet Company. Alex is kind of like, uh, yeah. Nigel spoke to Alex's director to ask if they could let him out of his contract for the duration of the show. And the answer was no. Alex is heartbroken, which seems to make the judges feel like shit. Lil' C says it's inspiring to see the hunger he has, and Debbie Allen encourages him to go back to work and be positive, and Nigel reminds Alex that he's working with one of the country's premier classical dancers in Miami, and he can go and come back whenever he can. None of this looks like any kind of comfort for Alex.

Then four more dancers get cut, some of whom I imagine we'll see in the fall or next year. Five dancers left for three spots, including Phillip Chbeeb. He comes limping out to see the judges, who ask if he's injured. "Emotionally, maybe," drawing laughter from the judges. Adam asks about his week, and Phillip talks about how stressful it was, but he's enjoyed every minute of it. "Nobody does what you do better than you do," says Adam, but they're looking to see what else he can do. Phillip's really grown and improved, and dance seems to mean a lot to Phillip. Phillip completely agrees, and Adam breaks the good news that they're going to see a lot more of him, because he's in. "The things I wanna tell you guys. Good things!" says a relieved Phillip. He tells the camera on the walk back that it's silly he's in the top 20. "I'm gonna show you all kinds of things you've never seen before."

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