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Vegas Callbacks No. 2

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Brothers Gonna Work It Out

He comes out in front of the judges, and ... oh, Jesus. Mia's speaking. She says she "can't take" Brandon and what he brings to the floor. "It annoys the (bleep) out of me," she says, and blah blahs about something rubbing her the wrong way, what with his attitude and his fake smile. Good god, is she serious? Brandon apologizes, but Mia's still not finished talking about how good Brandon's not, and Debbie speaks up in Brandon's defense but Mia won't even let Debbie Freakin' Allen speak, to the point that Nigel has to step in to tell Mia that she's had her chance to say something. "When you dance, I get it. I love the way you dance," Debbie tells Brandon. Lil' C gives his whole "I'm just not impressed" routine, and a pissed-off Mary says she doesn't want to "sit and listen to this crap." She says to have any judges talk bullshit about him is nonsense, and he's not cocky at all. She's really pissed. Nigel tells Brandon that he got three out of four votes, which is good enough to put him in the Top 20, and he'll have the opportunity to change people's minds. All the judges clap, except for Mia, who asks what's going to happen when they're in a room together, and Brandon pleasantly says what sounds like "It'll be bomb," don't worry, and all the judges laugh, even Mia, which is big of her considering the huge waste of talent the judges just put through. Great. It's like Danny all over again, so we can have the fake moment later on in the season where Mia lavishes praise on Brandon, but it won't be because she was wrong about Brandon, but that he's improved to meet Mia's standards.

Tony Bellissimo can only think about his brother, who's in Afghanistan. Tony says if his brother knew he was here, he'd be fighting security to get in, because he's Tony's biggest supporter, apart from his mother. Time to face the judges. Nigel says right off that he doesn't think Tony's technique is as strong as it should be. He acknowledges that his colleagues all want to see him succeed. "It's just this lack of vocabulary in your dancing," he says. But he's delighted to say they've put him in the top 20. Tony's expression doesn't change. He just stares at Nigel, to the point Nigel has to tell him not to look so shocked. So he gets all excited, and mimes a defibrillator on his chest. Nigel warns him not to let them down, because Tony is the biggest limb they're going out on for in the Top 20.

More people make it: Maksim Kapitannikov. "Everything that we gave you, you did it. You succeeded," Mia tells him. Caitlin Kinney: "You have survived this cut," Nigel tells her, reducing her to happy tears on the walk backstage. Melissa Sandvig? She's in. "It's gonna be fun watching you grow in the top 20," says Adam. Jason Glover. "There are amazing dancers each season. You're gonna be one of them, because you have made the top 20," Lil' C tells him.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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