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Vegas Callbacks No. 2

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Brothers Gonna Work It Out

Cat tells that for the next half an hour, it was only bad news. And we watch a montage of the judges bringing the axe down on a few contestants, but we're not told who they are. After seeing a hundred and seventy-two dancers come through Vegas, I have a hard enough time keeping them straight when we're told who they are. One of them is named Henry, and he gets swallowed up in a consoling Cat hug.

Kayla Radomski's the one who came to Denver with her grandparents, who she tells us would be just ecstatic if she won. Mia blah blahs about how glad she is that Kayla came, because Mia loves male dancers so much, and she rarely connects with female dancers. But she's connected with Mia: "I'm so glad you came into our world," says Mia, and Kayla's in! She thanks them and goes running backstage to share the good news.

Kupono's trying to hold it together backstage. He cut his Sanjaya hair after Nigel made some kind of "you kids get off my lawn!" comment about it. We also learn that Kupono makes lists of tasks. But not just actual tasks, but goals. So he has for example, "get iPod" and "live on the stage" on the same to-do list. He has "breathe" and "smile" on his list, and he hasn't checked off "breathe" yet. The final task is "Make Top 20!"

He comes out in front of the judges, and the judges have some fun with his long Hawaiian name, and then Adam suddenly gets serious and says he hates this part of the auditions, and gives a laundry list of things that the judges didn't like about him (like hair, for example), but they think he's grown since he's come to Vegas, and it's going to be a challenge for the producers to put his name up, because he's in the Top 20. Kupono yells and is excited and takes out his to-do list so he can show the judges that he gets to cross off the last item on his list. Mia could take out her to-do list and show him that she's already got "act like a massive bitch" checked off. But she'll get to make another mark soon enough.

Paris Torres? Top 20! Jeanine Mason? Top 20! Ade Obayomi? Top 20! Karla Garcia? Top 20! Jonathan Platero? Top 20!

After only an hour, almost half the spots in the Top 20 have been filled, Cat tells us. You know, that doesn't sound that fast to me. Brandon Bryant's up next. Brandon (who I referred to as "Brandon Ryan" in last night's weecap) brought Mary to tears in Denver, but Lil' C wasn't impressed in Vegas, and Mia thought he was not all that. Nigel thought he was fantastic.

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