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Vegas Callbacks No. 2

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Brothers Gonna Work It Out

So you think you can make the Top 20? Cat takes us along the final walk the dancers make on their way to find out if they're in the Top 20 or not. I love all the video screens along the way, so dancers can catch some Stanley Cup highlights along the way, I presume.

The judges are all sitting, waiting for the dancers to come in. They're all together backstage. And the way-ay-ting, is the hardest part. The best part? Cat keeping your spirits up! She tells them all to take deep breaths and try not to be too nervous.

Janette is up first. She's had a couple of rough weeks before Vegas: she was in a car accident, and her boyfriend broke up with her. So is this going to be the last straw, or no big deal?

She comes out to face the judges, and Nigel reminds her of how she broke a streak of crappy auditions in Miami, and then along came hot and spicy Janette. Nigel tells her she's in the top 20, and then she gets all personal and says she needed this, what with her boyfriend breaking up with her, like maybe you should just accept your spot and not make the judges regret it. Nigel figures her boyfriend must be crazy. There's more to relationships than just looks, Nigel. She goes backstage and screeches that she made it, and everybody cheers, because she's just the first one and there's not yet that feeling that "oh, yeah, everyone who makes it means there's one fewer spot for me."

Then there's Diana Varden, who brought a lucky charm: a stuffed monkey. She's had it with her all week; so far, so good. She goes out before the judges and admits to being nervous. Debbie smilingly asks if she's excited or nervous, and Diana nervously babbles about being excited. And Debbie's being really nice, so it was kind of surprising that she's told she's not in the Top 20. Lil' C babbles about, I don't know, using it as motivation to improve or whatever, and Nigel tells her that she's a better dancer now than when she arrived in Vegas, which don't seem to comfort her too much, as she heads back down the hall, tears streaming down her face. "It hurts so bad," she tells us.

After the commercial, we recap what's happened so far. Not necessary! Vitolio's finding this unsettling. "Diarrhea moment!" he tells us. NOT NECESSARY! He says not a lot of people expecting much from him because he's from Haiti, or something. Rough life, this guy: was put in an orphanage, left when he was fifteen. And now he's gotta put up with bullshit from Mia.

Out in front of the judges, Vitolio listens to Lil' C talk about showing up to perform, and then he really came to life when he had to choreograph his own thing, and then Lil' C says a whole lot of nonsense that eventually leads to Vitolio being factored into the Top 20. "I love you guys!" says Vitolio, who we can only hope isn't shitting his pants.

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