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Blood on the Dance Floor

More cuts: Megan Campbell, Megan Davis, Chelsea, Sarah James, Gabi Rojas, Priscilla, Megan Kinney: all gone. Megan Kinney's sister Caitlin bawls in the seats. Gabi's devastated but grateful for this show pushing her more than she ever had. Megan Kinney's upset but still hopes her sister moves on. She does, as one of the top sixteen. Nigel advises them to start getting their solos ready. "Caitlin, stop crying, for god's sake." The sisters hug and say their goodbyes.

So the men and women switch places, with the women gladly partaking in chicken fights and tanning competitions by the pool as the men work their arses off. They're split into two groups, with the Kasprzaks in the first group. They do the dance-fight stuff with the finger-snapping that's familiar even to people like me who haven't seen the musical. The judges deliberate over the men, while the men wait anxiously.

Nigel calls up Joe Gonzalez, Antoine Hart, Brian Johnson (the lead singer of AC/DC?), Dorsey Brown, Pavel Steppenchuk.... oh, my god the names, I've lost control. Anyway, there's a bunch cut, none of whom I'm familiar with, really. All the other guys come back on stage and stand in a straight line. "Gentlemen, you have got ten minutes to get yourselves together. Good luck all of you," he says.

Six men and six women have yet to be cut to whittle the group down to the Top 20, and that's what the solos are for. Ryan Kasprzak gets a little worried when he almost ruptures his whoopie cushion. We run through a montage of the solos, which seem to mostly be the dancers reprising their audition solos. The judges deliberate, and Cat comes backstage to tell the dancers it's the moment of truth. Jeannette's up first, and she does the long walk out to face the judges, but we're going to have to wait for tomorrow night.

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