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Blood on the Dance Floor

What of Tony Belissimo, and the odd "go ahead, try it again" second chance? Cat gives him a little pep talk and makes him smile. God, I love her. I would try out for this show just to hug her. So he goes on again with the final group of the day. For the critique, a tearful Tony hangs on the blatherings of Debbie Allen, who lectures him about letting them down, but he brings joy and personality, and blah blah blah. Yep. It's a "you have to dance for your life, so it better be good! Oh, wait, it wasn't good. Well, that's OK, because we like you and you pass" speech. Best of all, more hugs from Cat, who squeals with delight over Tony's tears, because she loves it when full-grown men cry. Either Cat is sweetly sincere in how she hangs on the triumphs and failures of the contests, or she's an amazing actress.

With thirteen more cut, we're down to fifty-four dancers. You know, I think the math is dropping a dancer every now then.

Final day of performances! We look at dancers in pain, full of bruises, nervously awaiting what they presume is a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine (the Kasprzaks saw him in the elevator). Nigel tells the dancers, filling the stage, that they're going to do a guys' routine and a girls' routine. He says that although they're in Vegas, they're going to pretend its Broadway. Sure enough, Tasty Oreo comes out to tell them they're doing a West Side Story routine, and he tells us that dancers need to have some knowledge of a classic like that, otherwise it's a little "sketchy."

So while the women work, the men get to hang out poolside. Wacky pool hijinks, intense dance rehearsal. Tyce tells us that Debbie Allen played Anita herself, so the dancers can't come before her all fake or phoney or they're going home. Well, unless they suck, in which case they can stay if they do a great job dancing for their lives. Unless they suck at that, in which case they can stay if the judges like them.

Bianca Revels -- who Nigel called the "consummate tap dancer" -- has done well with choreography, and is in the first group for West Side Story. I hate to disappoint Tyce, but I've never seen it, but maybe I should. The girls seem to have a lot of fun with it. This time, the judges wait for all the groups to perform before making their cuts. Sireka, Noelle, Alexa, Bianca, Megan Nicholson? Thank you for all your hard work, but this is the end of the road, Nigel tells them. He says he hopes they all continue to work and improve, because the judges would love to see them again. Bianca says she thinks they made a mistake, and dishearteningly tells us that she's not coming back next year, because she's not one to keep trying year after year without knowing why she didn't make it the first two years.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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