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Blood on the Dance Floor

The Kinney sisters are coming up, after we're told that it's a "bloodbath" so far during the contemporary round. First up is Megan. Her group dances, and the judges deliberate. Shouldn't Mia sit out the judging for this round, since she choreographed the routine? Nigel tells Megan that while he was on the fence about her, a lot of the other judges like her, and she's through. Caitlin dances (and I'm already sick of the wuss-rock music that this piece is set to) and Nigel tells her that she didn't get enough votes to go through. Not that she's cut, mind you. I'm guessing Nigel has invoked the well-known But She's A Stacked Blonde rule. She's dancing for her life right now! Well, not right now. After a commercial break.

So she dances solo to that cover of "To Make You Feel My Love" (well, at least it's not the Garth Brooks cover) and she seems as good to me as any contemporary dancer. Nigel says her solo is old-fashioned, whilst Mia's routine is of the current period (because Mia is unquestionably awesome and we all bow down), but he gives her a yes. Debbie Allen gives her a yes. Mia? Mia says no, as does Lil' C, and Adam. So it's up to Mary, who says she knows how hard Caitlin has fought, but her solo was not that great. But Mary sees potential in her, so it's a yes. My god, what a lot of arbitrary horseshit this is turning out to be. Was it like this last year? To sum up: you have to earn enough votes to advance. Caitlin didn't earn enough votes. But that's OK, because she's hot, so she can dance for her life. Oh, it wasn't great? I vote yes for you anyway! Yay! Having said that, I like her. I think some of these votes are manufactured just to cause drama. Certainly the order in which the judges give their opinion jumps around enough to suggest some staging.


So the sisters get to stay together. How about the Kasprzak brothers from Memphis? They've been sailing through the choreography rounds. Even Mia called them "so adorable." Ryan's group is up first, and Mary tries to pretend like she's softening him up for a letdown, but then abandons the con and puts him right through. Then Evan comes up, does his thing, and Mia asks him to do a fleet hop, and he does, and she makes him do it right around the stage and off, because he's through. And now I know the name of the fleet hop! Which I will forget by next episode.

More dancers are put through. Paris? Jason? I can't tell if we've seen these dancers before or not. I promise everyone I will get names and spellings straight once we get into the Top 20.

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