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Blood on the Dance Floor

And as usual, this is the start of a streak for the groups. Why is that? Why is it that it's always a bunch of good dancers in a row or a bunch of bad ones? Has Cat ever said, "That marked a turning point, after which there was a succession of dancers with wild variations in quality"? Debbie praises a red-and-black group of hip-hoppers, and Adam says another group got a "touchdown," and he calls a dancer named Jason "so So You Think You Can Dance."

One of the Kasprzaks? I think? Is part of the final group, which says their routine is about "nerdography," which is about what happens when nerds simultaneously hear a sweet tune and see a hot girl. That sounds horrible!

Oh, no, wait. What that really means is they dance entertaining hip-hop whilst wearing mismatched patterns and glasses. But they're pretty good. All the judges love them. "I welled up, because you guys made me miss dancing." Nigel mocks him, and Adam's all, "Don't make fun of me, you English bastard!" All of them get sent through.

In all, sixty-eight dancers are moving on. So only five have been cut? After all that bullshit was up on stage? No, not even, because a couple of dancers are dancing for their lives, so when Nigel said it's not true that this day doesn't matter, he was kinda wrong, wasn't he?

Silky's up to dance for his life, now. He needs to convince three judges that he should stay. So tappa tappa tappa. It's a good tap routine that wraps up with a backflip that lands him (purposely) lying on his stomach. Mia doesn't vote for him. Neither does Nigel. Debbie says no too, so just one more vote will cut him, and it's Lil' C who drops the hammer. Silky says the fire was in him, but he just didn't let the judges see it.

The dancers now have to face their most difficult challenge yet: eating baked beans, and then dancing Mia Michaels' contemporary choreography. "Do not give me empty steps! Because that is when my horns will come out!" she bellows at the dancers.

Tony Bellissimo's been doing well -- we watch a montage of all the praise he gets as he breezes through ballroom, hip-hop, jazz and swing -- so how's he going to fare against Mia Michaels? No one beats Mia Michaels. You can only hope to survive her. And does Tony survive? Well, no. Mary says he's got to bring the dancing up, because they love him. Is he dancing for his life? Uh, no. He's going to dance the contemporary over again. Huh?

But first, Amanda, the cute blonde, gets cut, with Adam encouraging her to come back again. Nabuya's really talented, and they hope he continues -- just not here. He's cut. He promises to never stop. "Thank you, Vegas! See you next year!" he yells.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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