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Blood on the Dance Floor

In the morning, Nigel sternly tells the group that "A lot of people think today doesn't mean anything." Oh, come off it, Nigel. I'm so sure that a lot of the dancers here think that. Nigel knocks his straw man over by warning them that they will still be cut if they're not good enough.

The first group to take the stage features tap-dancer Eric "Silky" Moore. Last night, we see that he had trouble with his group. Oh, yay! Here's the fighting! Eric says the group was really different, so there were a lot of clashes of style. They finally call it a day at 2:30 in the morning, and plan to come in early and work things out. Eric has a backup plan: to be amazing when he has to dance for his life.

Anyway, the group takes the stage and dances to some swing music, and they're dressed in white shirts and they all kind of do their own things and it looks awful. You could know nothing about dance and watch this and still feel uneasy, and you don't need all the disgusted reaction shots of the judges to be able to tell. Nigel tells them it was a poor start to the morning: "It was horrific. It stank." Debbie chews them out, Adam sounds disappointed, and Mary says it's clear they can't work together. Mia wants to know if they went to bed secure in their routine, and when they admit they weren't, she gives them hell for giving up. As much as I can't stand Mia, she's not exactly wrong here, and a tearful Paula should probably stifle the tears. Lil' C axes a couple of the dancers (Meghan and Erin) and tells Eric that he'll be dancing for his life). As for Paula? He tells her that she shouldn't have gone to bed, or let her teammates go to bed. Having said that, she's a strong dancer and she'll be staying with them. Great. Maybe she can turn off Niagara Falls then -- she's crying again, this time tears of joy. There was another guy in the group, but I think he got to stay.

But like happens around this point of a Behind The Music, things get worse. We watch some horrific dancing, like if high school cheerleaders earnestly did a dance routine in lieu of an essay on To Kill a Mockingbird for English class or something. Adam says, "That was so convention 101, like barf," to some particularly reeky group. Mia chews out another group. "Congratulations. That is the worst routine we've seen this morning. The. Worst," Nigel tells a group of spastic dingbats.

Then Brandon Ryan's group comes out and kicks some ass, with some moves involving some pushing and pulling in a hand-holding circle. A lot of spins and kicks. Mary calls it a lot of fun, but says Brandon needs to worry about himself more and quit looking at the others. Mia says Brandon's looking her way because he knows she's a cutter. Thanks for oversharing, Mia. She also gives him shit for smiling. You're right, Mia. He should get despondent because you've decided that a dancer isn't good until you say they are, no matter what your colleagues say. Nigel says there was no one who stuck out as bad, which is good, and Adam says it's the first group he saw that was fighting to stay, and Mary puts the whole group through.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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