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Blood on the Dance Floor

Looks like the other half of the pair whom Sonya singled out for particular praise isn't impressing the judges either. Lil' C tells Brandon that he hasn't been impressed. And Mia agrees, because she's been told that Brandon is brilliant and she hasn't seen it. Maybe Mia could explain why Sonya should go home, since she choreographed these guys and held Natalie and Brandon up as amazing. Or maybe it's a little bit of "I'll decide who's brilliant or not!" Nigel sticks up for Brandon and the "brilliant" tag and says everything he's seen Brandon do has been fantastic, and he's one of the best dancers he's ever seen on this show. He wants Brandon to have confidence in himself, and not lose confidence based on what's been said. At any rate, he's through. Afterwards he gets all teary-eyed again about seeing Natalie go. Man, suck it up. Jesus -- at some point one or the other of you was going to go farther than the other.

Then the jazz round hits a hot streak and all the people who weren't as good as Natalie are now better than Natalie are sent through. By 7:30, there's just one group left, and it features Gabi, and it's left to Debbie Allen to lower the boom and also lecture her on what a disappointment she turned out to be. "And it hurts us, to be that wrong," says Debbie. Ouch. The other three girls are through. Gabi's not. But unlike the other ones who have been cut, she gets to dance for her life now? What kind of bullshit is this? Are the judges making this up as they go along?

So she does her solo, and it's good, and the judges all vote for her. How ridiculous is this? They already know she can dance well solo, so obviously they're just engineering this so they can justify putting her through. "Thank you for reminding us who you really are, and remind yourself who are you every time you step on that stage," says Debbie Allen. Oh god, put a cork in it, Debbie. However, seven other dancers have been cut, including popper Sammy Ramirez, so they're down to seventy-three. And they're not going to rest, because they're being put in groups and randomly assigned music and have to work up a routine to be performed first thing in the morning. There is some applause from the dancers, who are keen to show that they're so into dancing that can't wait for sleep deprivation and exhaustion. They'll be sorry...

Day 3 dawns, and we get the briefest of montages of the dancers practicing last night. That's it? No fighting? No scenes of groups arguing about choreography? No dancer hitting the sack early while her fellow dancers work through the night? Where are the shenanigans?

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So You Think You Can Dance




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