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Blood on the Dance Floor

Ariel's up in her group now, and Phillip makes comments about being disappointed in a couple of girls and pointing out that a couple of the other girls are nice. So which is it for Ariel? She's cut.

Unsurprisingly, the trained ballroom dancers Maxim Kaptinanikova, Aska Condo and Ricky Sun (jarringly, these scenes are set to one of my favorite songs of all time, the first one I ever heard by Elliott Smith). Kayla? You're very good! Priscilla! Absolutely beautiful.

Popper Nabuya Nagahama is hoping to transcend his genre. He's been having the time of his life in Vegas. The judges watch him closely throughout the routine. Mary tells him they were all very impressed by him. She's surprised by his arm movements and the way he took on the character of the dance. In fact their whole group was really impressive, she says. Afterwards, Nabuya breaks down in tears and explains that he's taken five months of classes to be here, and gives all the credit to his teachers: "I couldn't make it by myself."

Sixteen more dancers are sent home by the end of the ballroom round, which finishes mid-afternoon of Day 2, and now it's time to "jazz things up with Sonya," which is another way of saying "hit the fast-forward button." Phillip says it's not really his thing so he's just going to let loose and see what happens. We watch a bunch of dancers struggling with fatigue and injuries due to all the intensity, but Brandon Ryan and Natalie Reid seem to be doing just fine, and in fact get singled out by Sonya to show the other dancers how to roll.

Natalie's in the first group, and although I can't discern any difference, the consensus of the judges is that she seems to be just off. Afterwards, Mary told her that after her solo, the judges all thought she would be through to the Top 20, and they were all pulling for her. But they can't keep pulling: "I'm sorry, Natalie, but this is the end of the journey for you." Well, great. It'd be nice if the judges could make up their damn minds as to whether or not a great solo is enough to keep a talented competitor alive after a week choreographed performance or not. Natalie thanks them and smiles and walks off. Aw. I liked her. A dancer in the audience calls it unbelievable: "If she got cut, then anybody could get cut." Natalie says she did her best and thought she did it well, but the judges weren't happy with it. She's bummed because she feels like she let them down. Brandon is crying and saying he's doing it for Natalie now, because she deserved it.

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