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Blood on the Dance Floor

So let the bloodbath begin! Taylor Costa? You're gone. Erica Ray? Done. Erica says it's hard, and Taylor says it's tough because her whole high school is watching. You're not going to do interviews for every two dancers, right? Because we're going to be here all night! Tony Bellissimo? "You've got great ideas. You've got to bring your dancing up to meet them." Nigel tells him to sit his ass back down. In all, forty-four dancers are cut, including Travis Prokop, the football coach's son; widow Thalia Rickerts, and hiphopper Chimeze Razu.

But day one's not over. Those who've survived the culling are in for some hip-hop choreography with Taboleon. "The bottom line in Vegas, you've gotta shine or you're out the door," says Napoleon.

We watch Gabi Rojas struggle with choreography, and flash back to Nigel saying he'll be surprised if she's not in the Top 20. She has trouble keeping up, and Mary's not shy about pointing it out. The judges deliberate (about all the dancers). "I like him." "I like her." "Get rid of her." Mia bitchily announces that she loves cutting, because she loves seeing people who aren't good at what they do go home. Well, if these dancers are so shitty, then maybe the JUDGES WHO FUCKING PICKED THEM TO BE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE should be going home. Damn! Gabi Rojas is asked to step forward, and Nigel tells her that her unique solo is the only reason she's being asked to stay, because her choreography was not good. Well, so much for being required to shine in Vegas. One dancer, Sarah, from her group is cut.

We get a montage of good hip-hoppers. Cute blonde one makes it! Saucy brunette makes it! But thirty-seven other dancers are cut, including one positive-thinker who announces that "excuses are the tools of the incompetent, and I will not use them." I guess it's better than thinking, "I suck, and Mia hates me, and Mia's glad I'm going home." And by the time Day 1 ends with only ninety-six dancers left to face the next day.

The next day's first challenge is ballroom dancing with Jean-Marc Genereux and France. Well, make that the second challenge after disposing of Mia Michaels' body. Crazy-armed popper Phillip Chbeeb and his partner Ariel Coker are having trouble with it. They've been inseparable since arriving in Vegas but have to perform with different partners. Adam points out that Phillip can't stop popping even as he's extending his arms. Strictly ballroom, Phillip! Afterwards, Phillip's called forward, and Mia tells him that his energy carries him through, even that was rough, and they know he's going to bust his ass. So again: we already like you, so even though you weren't good, we're going to keep you.

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