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Battle Without Honor or Consequence

54 dancers left and Stacey Tookey on choreo. Jennifer Jones declines to pair up to rehearse and instead works on her own, which might not be too smart. Jennifer is our eating disorder survivor (and Mariia survivor from the group round). She finally partners up, with Latin dancer Misha, but neither of them makes it, which gets a full on "AWWW!" out of me. I liked them. Misha blames himself and it's so so sweet but she's not ready for comfort right now.

Maybe Jennifer can get SOME comfort from hearing that Mariia is also gone (along with a montage full of crying kids, cut so heartbreakingly close to the end).

Tapper Curtis Holland (Wayne Brady's "little bro") is overwhelmed by emotions, and Nigel really tortures him before telling him he's through. The judges share some tissues with him, and Tooks hugs him afterwards. Also making it: Jasmine (whom Nigel manages to draw more Cyrus confessionals out of) (he dumped her), Fik-Shun, Malece, Jenna and Amy Yakima. Also, Marcus (and Tucker) from Jennifer Jones's old group make it.

Finally, Jade is asked to dance for his life AGAIN, this time with Stacey making the call. This is... kind of ridic. If he hasn't been good enough on choreography TWICE? He's asked to battle against Dragon House member Blueprint. This is purely for good-TV purposes, a sentiment that becomes crystal clear when both "battling" animators make it to the next round.

Finally, Nigel asks each of the dancers to individually address the judges (the better to get good TV stories for the Top 20). We hear from Amy, Fik-Shun, Malece, Blueprint -- all the faves. Finally, Armen says they changed him into a better person; they're trying some Legacy turnaround with him and I'm not buying (but at this stage, I wasn't buying it with Legacy either). But I won't have to wring my hands too much because Armen is one of eight dancers cut as we make way for the Green Mile and next week's Meet the Top 20 show!

Joe R is already Team Tucker. Questions, comments, and unadulterated love can be sent to him at

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