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Battle Without Honor or Consequence

Who does move on is ballroom expert Jenna Johnson. There's a bit of a vibe that she won't meet her high expectations at first, but no, they LOVE her. Also, Fik-Shun continues his Cyrus-like ride through Vegas and Armen manages to bounce back in his own style.

Stage Four: GROUPS

The remaining dancers are placed in groups, given a piece of music, and left to choreograph/rehearse on their own. Group 1 includes ballroom bros Alan and Gene, contemporaries Kayla and Jasmine, and golden child Jenna Johnson. Their theme is the Boston marathon bombing? The acts of heroism involved. Huh. Set to a cover of "I Can't Make You Love Me." Double huh. But the judges all take the opportunity to get weepy, and Adam says the ballroom boys really made a believer out of him. They're all through.

The next group includes contemporaries Jasmine (Cyrus's ex), Derek, Chrystiane, and Jarvis, ballroomer Viktoria, and Fik-Shun, who even gets the name of his group revolving around him (Facts Around Fik-Shun). Initially, Chrystiane takes the reins but the group chafes against her control. Derek is exhausted and bails to sleep or have a cig or something. On stage, the choreo seems amateurish, and the judges all say it's a mess. Mary calls Derek out specifically, and he is out. Chrystiane is also out, but the other four slide by, because obviously Fik-Shun is going nowhere.

Next: Jennifer, Tucker, Amy, Mariia, and Marcus. I'm kind of crazy into Tucker, looks, wise. Jennifer Jones does not appreciate Mariia and all her complaining and whining about having to work outside her ballroom niche. Jennifer explains that they kept trying to choreograph around her, to no success. Jennifer finally calls Mariia out in front of the group, while Cute Tucker tries to make peace. Marcus is drained. Jennifer just wants to kill Mariia. But on stage, Nigel thinks the whole thing was beautiful; he compliments Mariia, and the rest of the group really rallies around her, which is nice to see. They all move on.

Elsewhere, Armen redeems himself in his group, even lifting a girl without dropping her, and everything.

The final group: Makenzie, Carlos, Carley, Sarah and Vitaly. As with Fik-Shun's group, the choreo just seems very basic. Nigel calls it juvenile, and I can't argue. Chintzy, I'd say. The judges appear to be divided, and in the end Vitaly and Sarah are gone, but the three contempo dancers make it through.


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