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Animator Jade Zubrey went through a particularly rocky partnership with Sydney Miller, and at some point during rehearsals, she calls out Jade in front of Sonya and everyone ("he's holding me back"), and Sonya calls her on it. Sydney bails and leaves Jade to rehearse all alone all night, but she's back and apologetic the next morning. My guess would be that the judges are hugely predisposed to Jade now, but Nigel seems to judge him all the more harshly and asks him to dance for his life later. Meanwhile, he makes excuses for Sydney and says Jade wasn't a great partner, though he's unequivocal that she should not have called Jade out in front of everybody. Sydney moves on to the next round, but now, backstage, she's threatening to quit anyway because people think she's meeeeeean.

After the break, Malece returns and is cleared for competition. She seems on the verge of tears even talking to Cat about her injury, and Cat asks the most reasonable question one could ask at this stage: "Are you not terrified?" The performance appears to go well, but the judges seem divided on Armen -- Mary thinks he's the best one, but Nigel hates droppers and thinks Malece made him look good. Malece gets raves and moves on. Meanwhile, Mary tells Armen that she's fighting for him. She scolds him for putting another dancer in danger, and Nigel tells him to thank Mary for keeping him. He's stunned and promises to "fix everything," but backstage, like Sydney, Armen is at a loss for how to rehab his image.

The bad news: Shanshan is cut! She seems proud to have made it this far, justifiably so, and she pledges to be back next year.

Meanwhile, Jade returns to dance for his life. These last-chance solos all seem pretty pointless, don't they? They're never going to get rid of anybody after they've gone back and danced in their home style, and Jade won't be an exception, especially after ... wait, does Hannah lick her lips?? Obvs he goes through with the admonition that he can't just rely on this one style, even though he just proved that he can.

Stage Three: BALLROOM

Chelsie Hightower and Dmitry Chaplin are on hand to choreograph and also represent the SYTYCD alumni chapter of Dancing with the Stars. Anyway, Jade and Sydney are happier with new partners in this round, but while Jade advances, Sydney does not. Also cut after this brutal round: my beloved Tommy/Tony (I've heard both) Tibball, who looked so much like my also-beloved Jakob Karr out there.

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