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Battle Without Honor or Consequence

Your Vegas judges: Nigel, Mary, Adam, Twitch and (for the first couple rounds) Jason Derulo.

Stage One: SOLOS:

The very first round, before the dancers even get to unpack, goes by mostly in montage form, so it's sometimes hard to spot the casualties as they fly by. That awkward sweater-vest guy who felt like he was splitting the difference between joke and real talent? Gone. Hampton Williams's wife Darlesha? Gone. Salsa-dancing Katlyn Rodriguez who auditioned with the help of her baby brother? Gone. Donovan Gibbs, whose adorable dad sold their home to keep their dance studio? Gone.

Who does get through? Malece Miller, our SLC contemporary girl with the Robyn haircut, gets the good news from Jason Derulo himself that she's staying. And Du-Shaunt "Fik-Shun" Stegall, whose locking and animating are incredibly clever as well as precise and otherworldly, is also moving right along.

Stage Two: HIP-HOP

Tabitha and Napoleon are back from their baby-creating adventures of last season with a routine that they say should make you puke, and that's if you do it right. Cat tells us this is the first chance for animators and street dancers to prove themselves with tough choreo. Jade, a street dancer from Detroit, really seems to take to the choreography well and moves on, but human anime character Toshihiko was not strong enough. Then there's Shanshan Qiao-Rothlisberger, who is feeling lost without her traditional Chinese cups to dance with. But she kills it! She sticks with the swag even when she loses the choreo. Overall, the dancers seems to be doing well with the hip-hop, and after the round, 77 dancers remain.

Stage Two: JAZZ

Sonya Tayeh is back again to terrorize these children with a very partner-heavy routine. After an afternoon's worth of rehearsal, Sonya "decides" that the dancers need overnight to prepare, so she sends them off to rehearse/sleep until the next morning.

Malece Miller is teamed up with ballroomer Armen (our Slavic Pitbull!), but he keeps wandering off. Malece is growing impatient. And then, after midnight, after they seemed to finally be back on the same page, he drops her on her head. She's checked for concussion symptoms and sent to the hospital, show editors high-fiving the whole way because now they have an act-out for the rest of the episode.

The next morning, Nigel scolds the dancers for not being ready yesterday and warns them that they had better bring it. Which all seems rather gross, since I can't imagine the dancers' level of preparedness was the only reason for that postponement. Hannah Simone from New Girl (Cece!) is here to join the judging panel, and she seems delighted to be there. Amy Yakima from Detroit gets an "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" from Adam, who says she's in his personal Top 20. Also Fik-Shun, who is becoming the Cyrus of this year's Vegas round, sails into the next phase.

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