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Hip Hop and You Do Stop

Poor Cat. She has to lose two of her new babies tonight. But even that is enough to make her not smile. There will always be more babies, Cat.

So the opening dance number is "Boom Boom Pow" by the Black Eyed Peas, and the dancers are all shivering and hobo-esque, so, awesome! We're going to solve homelessness tonight! Fortunately for everyone, there's a group of black-clad hip-hop dancers breaking and kicking and flipping all over the place. Then they blow some sparkly dust over the homeless people, which transforms them into booty-short wearing gogo dancers in gold.and blue. Phillip gets to do some Phillip stuff, and then one of the homeless people is under a blanket and levitating? With all the aggressive elbow stuff, it was about halfway through before I thought, "I think this is a Shane Sparks joint," and sure enough, Cat Deeley confirms that when she comes out.

She introduces the judges, and then we go to a bunch of clips about how the dancers enjoyed their first week. (Hint: it was a lot!) Max tells us the best part of working with Kayla is that she's a really hot blond chick. All class! Some shots of spanking, with Tony laying a beatdown on Paris. Ade, with his afro pick, tells us Melissa lets out raunchy burps all the time. Kupono and Ashley make annoying animal noises. A bunch of male dancers sweat too much for their partners' tastes.

So now that we're all grossed out, Cat brings the first three couples out on stage. Kayla and Max, who danced the samba that all the judges went nuts for. Randi and Evan did a Tyce Diorio jazz routine, and Evan apparently managed to avoid a beating at the hands of Randi's husband. The judges all loved them too. And then there's Jeanine and Phillip who danced a Taboleon hip-hop piece that Adam called "un-freaking-real," and the other judges loved it too.

So who's in trouble? Not Kayla and Max; they get sent off the stage. Randi and Evan are safe too, and Cat lets Phillip and Jeanine twist for a little bit before she announces that they're safe too, and the two of them (and the audience) go apeshit.

After the commercial break, four more couples are on stage. Caitlin and Jason danced a "spicy" Bollywood routine that the judges loved, and so did the viewers. But that's only because they -- unlike Nigel -- have all jumped on the Slumdog Millionaire train, right? Melissa and Ade did a Mandy Moore contemporary routine, and the judges loved it especially since Melissa is so damn old that everyone's surprised she didn't break a hip. They're safe too. It's good that they're out of the way early; Melissa can go get the early-bird dinner at Bonanza.

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