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Anyway, after the break, we're dealing with the women, and Nigel tells us that the decision wasn't unanimous, which just proves how awesome everyone is or whatever. Caitlin steps forward first, and Nigel says she had great quality of movement and control tonight, and it's amazing how she has grown after her hip operation. Ashley had Hollywood glamour tonight, but her solo approach was wrong because it had no substance. Kayla's great but she has to prove it to everyone, and her solo was crowded because she tried to throw too much in there. It's THIRTY SECONDS. Anyway, going home tonight is Ashley, which doesn't surprise too much, based on how much most of the judges have loved Caitlin and Kayla so far.

And now the guys. Jason had what Nigel says was the best solo they've had to date, and he doesn't even bother pretending Jason's in any danger; he sends Jason off the stage and moves on to Kupono. Kupono's solo wasn't any great shakes, but he's an intelligent dancer who brings something different to the table. Max is someone who works harder than anyone else, but may be limited by his ballroom, and Max is the one who's leaving tonight, which means Kayla and Kupono will be partnering next week. K2!

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