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Nigel says the bottom three couples are quite different, which means that there's no great following of any of the couples, and so a lot depends on the routines, and he can understand why some viewers might not have appreciated the "esoteric" routine by Brian. Then he's decided he's talked about the dancers enough and tells Mary how great she looks.

So while the dancers prepare the solo, Cat introduces us to Amrampali Ambegaokar, who comes out to dance a Bollywood routine. What the hell? This isn't "Jai Ho!" At first, it's less the high-energy Bollywood routine and more the graceful, fluid arm movements. Then she spins around the stage forever, and then moves into some of that vibrating-foot routine that must be absolute exhausting to do. [She was on that Superstars of Dance show that only I watched and she was amazing! She was also in that stupid episode of Heroes where Hiro and Ando went to India, but that was less amazing. Glad to see her getting the spotlight for something cool. -- Angel]

After the break, it's time for the solos: First up is Caitlin, who dances thirty seconds worth of plies and jetes and flips and what-have-you to Adele's version of "Make You Feel My Love." Next up is Jason, who pirouettes and prances around to Robin Thicke. Cat says it's selfish, but she really enjoys watching him perform solo. Ashley dances to Coco Rosie, starting off by writhing around the steps and railing at the back of the stage before doing her contemporary in the middle. Kupono comes out to do some arm-waving, head-bopping hip-hopping contemporary. You know, if you add thirty seconds to each dancer's solo, they could get a little more into it, and it would add three minutes total to the run time, which could easily be made up elsewhere. Thirty seconds just seems pointless so often.

Anyway, there's a commercial break, and Kayla comes out to do more or less the same arabesques and leaps that everyone does, and then Max dances to "Footloose," a lot of quickstepping that at least wasn't the same thing everyone else did tonight. Cat sends the judges backstage, and then reminds us that Katy Perry, OneRepublic and Lady Gaga made their first major television appearance on this show, but rather than apologize for that, she introduces Kristinia DeBarge with her hit "Goodbye," and I'd really rather have Kristinia's uncle El DeBarge to sing "The Rhythm of the Night." God, this song is awful. I hate that I hate EVERY song that gets performed on this show.

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