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Mary says she expected Caitlin and Jason, both contemporary dancers, to handle the slow hip-hop just fine, so she was disappointed in them. "You guys both dance marvelous, so bring it on tonight," she advises.

When we come back, Janette and Brandon revisit their high-energy disco routine by Doriana Sanchez, which the judges loved, as did the voters. They're safe. Karla and Jonathan did a contemporary routine by Stacey Tookey that brought Mary to tears, and Lil' C thought was "buck." "Does the buck stop here?" asks Cat. First, Ashley and Kupono are reminded that their Shane Sparks shadow hip-hop routine underwhelmed the judges. Karla and Jonathan both danced solos last week, but they're not going to have to this week: it's Ashley and Kupono who are in the bottom three.

Cat asks Lil' C to be brief. He says he's shocked, because they started out with a bang doing the Wade Robson crash test dummies routine, but they didn't hit it this week. "It's up to you guys now," he says, and Cat brightly says she's looking forward to their solos.

Coming back from the break, Cat gives us a little preview of this fall's Season 6, which features a familiar face: Cut to a Los Angeles audition of Evan's brother Ryan, dancer No. 21 in Vegas for the current season, ripping up the stage with his tapdancing last week. Adam Shankman says he's not a dancer but a freaking artist, and Nigel hands him a ticket to Vegas. Spoiler alert, you guys! Outside the theatre, Ryan's jumped by the Other Brother, who even has his Other Brother T-shirt on, if you look closely. Aww. And there's Ryan in the audience, getting a big cheer from the crowd. [It seems like they are going to HAVE to put Ryan through to the Top 20 next season after all this hype. Right? -- Angel]

So anyway, back to the remaining three couples (after Cat pimps the current round of auditions). Randi and Evan did a Louis Amstel jive, and we revisit the "fun" counter, that the judges enjoyed (with Nigel saying he thought Evan would be a little bit better). The voters liked it too; they're safe.

That leaves Asuka and Vitolio, who danced an Amstel waltz that was built around Vitolio's life story that made Mary cry. Lil C' talked about Asuka's "dominant submission" and Nigel loved it too. And there's Kayla and Max in Brian Freedman's pop-jazz routine that the judges really liked, with both dancers getting singled out for praise.

Last week, Asuka and Vitolio were in the bottom three, but they're safe this week, which means Kayla and Max are in the bottom three.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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