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Tonight's ep starts with a dance to "So Much Betta" by Janet Jackson. The guys are all in black, wearing Chinese pointed straw hats, and then Melissa comes out in white, sheer kimono-style robes to dance with and over them. Kayla and Jeanine (I think) then start dancing in similar red robes, and then the spotlight goes to Randi and Janette (again, I'm only somewhat sure of this as these two have on wigs -- an unfortunate theme for Randi this week?) who are in black short robe/leotards with fishnets. It's very stylized and cool, and I'm proud to say I totally called it as a Wade (and Amanda) routine. As a rule, he and Shane Sparks seem to be consistently the best at the large group numbers, at least in my humble opinion. Cat's in a short sparkly dress that could have been awesome but instead has cap sleeves that make her look like a lineman. If Cat Deeley looks like a lineman in something, what hope do us mortals have?

She then tells us that the show got four Emmy nominations this morning so we're treated to clips of each of them: Mia's Twitch/Katee routine to "Mercy", Nappy Tabs' Chelsie/Mark "Bleeding Love" routine, Tyce's Jessica/Will routine to "Silence" and finally the show's own former contestant Dmitry's tango by Chelsie and Joshua. Seeing these clips just made me want to see the routines all the way through again -- except for Tyce's routine that I had completely forgotten about. Whoopsie! The show was also nominated for makeup, so yay for their makeup artist Amy! Cat then puts on her serious face to remind us that we're here to lose two more people from the competition and that the decision is entirely up to America from here on out. She introduces the now-useless judges and I'm reminded just by seeing her at the table that I wish Debbie Allen were here every week. Mary is here (and quiet for a glorious moment) but Nigel is not, because he's getting an honorary degree from a university in England. A cool honor, but it really does accentuate the point about how the judges have no role whatsoever in these results. The awesome thing is, as Cat points out, that this leaves us with ladies night! I'd keep these three every week, if Mary would stop screeching and offer actual feedback, which she actually does well when she simmers down long enough to do so.

Now the recap of last night, which, well, you can read all about here. They show the two awesome group numbers -- the girls doing Bollywood and the guys doing an exhausting-looking African dance. Then Cat reviews the couple dances -- first are Evan and his "big woman" Kayla doing a waltz that drew mixed reviews for Evan but more raves for Kayla. Then Janette and Ade did a fun hip-hop that the judges loved. Next up were Jason and Jeanine doing contemporary that drew raves, and showed everyone that Jeanine really was held back a little by totally adorable but less technically proficient Phillip. Randi and Kupono did a paso doble that fell totally flat and featured Randi's heavy brown wig. And finally, Melissa and Brandon did a hippie Broadway number that was fun and well-executed. Everyone also did a solo, which for me didn't do much more than prove that this is definitely not So You Think You Can Choreograph.

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