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So: Alex and Twitch. I'm going to try to put aside my annoyance at what a big honking deal this show is making out of a guy-guy pairing. And how Alex is yet another dancer to rave about his mentor teaching him that dance could be "masculine." Does Nigel get how defensive this sounds when the show gets so fidgety about asserting its manliness? Anyway, the bigger hurdle than the guy-guy thing seems to be that Alex is a really odd fit for hip-hop. NapTab have to re-correct his posture, for example. The routine itself starts off, rather hilariously, with Twitch playing the shrink and Alex his patient. Then it becomes AWESOME. You guys, Alex is PHENOMENAL! How did that happen? He's a beast out there, hitting everything hard, nailing the timing, rocking isos like he's been rocking a street corner for years. I am frankly astounded. ALEX! Where did that come from??

The judges, the audience, everybody is on their feet. I hope the judges all feel stupid for wasting all that hyperbole on Alex in Week 1, because THIS is the shit to lose your minds over. Cat says it's the biggest crowd reaction she's heard. Nigel gives props to the choreo, which...okay. It was good, but I think the lion's share of that dance came from the performance of it. In so many way that could have underwhelmed. And then Nigel takes the opportunity to crow about how this proves the naysayers wrong about the all-star format being a success. Whatever you say, dude, I hope you're right. The important thing is you're handling this but of criticism with class and di-- oh, is that your fingers in your ears? And the "nyah, nyah, nyah"? Super. I'm much more enchanted by Mia's "Who the hell are you?" Love. Adam bows down. And cries. Over a HIP-HOP routine. I love it. The best part is watching Twitch look at Alex all wide-eyed and amazed.

Solos: Billy's is very Sonya-like, with lots of crouched positions and freeze-framed kicks. Jose spins on his head for a good half of his solo, but it's really impressive. Kent's emphasizes his little-boy nature, but the skill and technique is flawless as ever. Alex's is expansive, covering the whole stage with some massive leaps. Ashley's is pretty standard contempo fare. Robert's features some great musicality and more of those insane long lines of his. Plus he's dressed like the Daisy Duke fantasy if yours and my dreams. Melinda taps to the bloodless Alicia Keys solo version of "Empire State of Mind," which somehow says it all, doesn't it? Adechike's feels very controlled and consciously "strong." Lauren's was probably my favorite, even if it didn't push the boundaries of her style very far.

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