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Billy Bell is next, and his dancing inspiration is LEGACY! From, like, way before they ever met on this show. Billy saw Legacy do a breaking exhibition at a mall or whatever. Because Legacy is mad old, as you recall. That's pretty excellent. And now he gets to dance a Stacey Tookey contempo with Legacy's secret lover Kathryn! The choreo is all about a feuding couple, and the movements suit Billy and Kathryn pretty perfectly. The best moment is when they're both sitting on the stage, back-to-back, and he pushes back, lifting her up, then she swings back and propels him to his feet. Really striking. Nigel thought the connection was lacking, though, and says he's a better soloist than a partner. Aw, Legacy's in the crowd. Looking foxy as ever. Mia says the same thing, and Adam says Billy will see it when he watches it back. Oh, you guys, it's hard to see Billy take this in. He's taking it hard. I think he held onto it through Nigel, because who respects Nigel? But Mia got to him.

Jose wanted to be Bruce Lee growing up. Hence the track suits, I guess. He and Anya will be doing a samba, choreographed by Dmitry and Dmitry's Ever-Present Chest. There's a table that gets a lot of use in the choreography, and of course Anya is amazing and magnetic and about a billion times better than she ever was on this show. But damned if Jose doesn't keep up pretty well. His legs look a bit sluggish at times, but the form is most definitely there. Are we sure he's never had any dance training? Nigel, in talking up Jose's charisma against his talent, ends up writing a few freeverse love poems to the power of Jose's smile. He says he and Kent are clearly the most charismatic dancers this season. Truth. Mia's in love with Jose, and why not?

Kent's older brother might be as cute as Kent is, even if he is becoming a youth pastor. He and Allison are doing jazz with Mandy Moore. "Kent's biggest challenge is being a man, not acting like a man," says Allison. True and hilariously drill-sergeanty from a dancer who is quickly becoming the season's standout. Side note: shouldn't there have been a competition among the all-stars as well? If only for charity? Because right now, Allison and Anya would be locked in quite the race for the top. To Kent's credit, I think the boyish goofiness is honestly irrepressible, so I can't hate on him for it. And honestly, I'm not sure he should be repressing it; not entirely, at least. If his whole appeal is his personality, tamping it down for the sake of some grown-up manly ideal won't be doing him any favors. He just needs routines that capitalize on what he does bring to the table. Tonight, Allison steals the show, as she has been all season. Kent keeps up with her, but it frequently looks like he's the one there to make her the star, and not the other way around. Nigel tells him to watch out for a certain fakeiness in his presentation, which is good advice (and something last season's Nathan could have used). He tells him not to play to the audience at the expense of his connection with his partner. Mia agrees and says the performance felt "green." Adam calls Kent extremely hire-able, but tells him to lose the "hungry jazz face." Cat wants an example, but it either gets lost to the vagaries of live TV, or Adam doesn't want to do it. He did it last season, though, right? It's basically that "Look at what I just did!" expression. Kent takes the notes in stride, which is a good sign.

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