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Lacey and Neil are up next with a Mia Michaels contemporary routine. There are flowers all over the studio, and Mia (who can't put down her damn iced tea or whatever to choreograph) says it's about "reunion" and "heaven," and also her dad, and Mia herself. Mia ensures that no one's going to criticize the routine, because it's about her dad, who died of lung cancer two years ago. Lacey is playing Mia, Neil is playing her dad, and they're dancing again. Neil figures he has to get this right, or Mia will feel like she wasted this idea on him. Dude, don't worry about it. Thanks to Mia, you're getting a free pass on this dance.

"Time" by Bill Porter. Lacey waves at Neil from across the stage. They reach out to each other, and twirl a little bit. She tosses him a flower, and he does some kind of David Beckham-soccer juggling with it. They're in white and barefoot, which hopefully will give them a little extra traction with all the frigging flowers all over the stage. I'm sure this was very emotional for Mia, but the dance itself does nothing for me. I didn't think the judges were in any way going to be able to look at the piece critically, as they know Mia, and likely knew her dad too, not exactly a nobody in the dance world. I think, without the backstory, this dance would have provoked more reactions of "meh" than it did. In contrast to most of the other dancing on this show, a lot of this routine looked like something anyone can do, given just a little practice. I think freighting it with so much personal history, especially before the dancers even took the stage, was manipulative.

"I'm so in love with what you just did," says Adam, who says they weren't dancers, but acting in their own little world, and it's one of the best routines that's ever been on television ever. Mary is actually crying (as is Mia in the audience) and can't speak. Nigel speaks for her, saying that she's going through her own personal tine right now, "so forgive her." Then he speaks about how honoured he is to be on the show with Mia Michaels, and how touched he was by the routine, and how it's one of the most beautiful things ever. He also seems to be on the verge of tears but (I'm sorry) it looks like he's trying to make himself cry. As Cat gives out the numbers, Lacey and Neil classily pay their respect to this "moving" tribute to Mia's dad by mugging for the camera. Lacey actually sticks a flower in her mouth and spits it out. No tears in heaven, guys.

Sabra and Pasha are up with the quick step, done by Tony Meredith. There's a lot of hopping and jumping. Sabra says there's a lot of running. She's confused but determined. "Mr. Pinstripe Suit" by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy is the song. They're in their finest 1920s attire, albeit with more sparkly things all over their clothes. They look good to me, but I'm a big fan of Sabra and Pasha -- no matter what they're doing, they seem to have so much fun that their actual dancing seems effortless.

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