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Adam says Sara and Danny got punk'd by the wardrobe department. He calls it a solid routine, and that Sara and Danny are always good, and they're maybe the most versatile couple. And he adds that they have to be nice to the wardrobe department. Does he remember 1987? Does he not remember Salt N Pepa? I don't think he does. I'm going to go with the wardrobe department on this one. Mary points out that the costumes aren't up to the dancers, but then says the routine didn't do it for her. "It wasn't hard-hitting enough," she says, before the cattle start booing. Nigel earnestly says he's going to "keep it real," and blathers on about how they have to be right on their games every time, and since hip-hop is right in Sara's wheelhouse, either Danny has to bring up his hip-hop game, or Sara's got to bring it down to his level, since they didn't really do it together.

Lauren and Dominic are doing a rhumba by Tony Meredith. Tony says Dominic and Lauren really have to focus on each other and make that connection. Lauren says she can't think she's a hot, sexy woman. She is a hot, sexy woman. I'm not sure Lauren has the self-confidence for this routine. Cough. "Ain't No Sunshine" by Bill Withers is the music choice. Nice slow tempo for these two, who start off very close. They split up for some spins and twirls. Danny pushes a stiff Lauren across the floor. That's not a criticism of Lauren's performance; that's what literally happens. At the end, Dominic spins Lauren into his arms, pulls his face towards him, and they kiss. It's hard to tell if that was planned or not -- it almost looked spontaneous, like they weren't going to, and then said, "Ah, screw it." In fact, it looked like the only question was if the tongues were going to get involved (they didn't). In the audience, Tony Meredith and Mia Michaels pretend to make out, but can't stop laughing.

Adam says all Dominic's B-boy friends will be impressed once they scrape their jaws up off the floor and figure out what the "hells" he was doing. He says Lauren was really good too. But then he says it didn't really look like a rhumba to him. He says there was a lot of posing, a lot of lines, but not a lot of rhumba. Mary points out that that's not their fault. She allows there's usually a little more movement in the rhumba. She's also quite critical of what rhumba was there. Next up: Nigel, who throws wardrobe a bone by praising the costumes (and then slobbers over Lauren in her sexy dress). He gives Dominic kudos for keeping in the right character, instead of the caricature Dominic displayed last week. He says he figures the choreography had more to do with playing to the dancers' strengths; but starting next week, the choreographers are going to be throwing everything they've got at the dancers, who are going to have to keep up or get left behind.

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