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"A Wild Wild Party" is the song, by The Wild Party. Sabra lounges on the stage, and Pasha comes over and tries to get her off her ass. She resists, at least during the slow opening to the song. As the tempo quickens, she's up, and they're racing across the stage, palms pumping the air, which must be required in all Broadway routines. They finish with Pasha flipping Sabra over his arm. I guess it's pretty good -- I like both of them as dancers -- but this kind of dancing usually just leaves me cold. So much of it is indistinguishable from any other Broadway routine you've ever seen.

Adam calls it "wild." He says he didn't think he was going to like it, and points out that these kinds of pieces usually work with a big chorus behind them. He calls them the first to perform with the character and overall performance that he's been talking about. I seem to recall him calling everybody "hot" and giving the thumbs-up. He also thinks Sabra stole the show. Mary, who I really wish could learn to speak without yelling (and also laughing after just about everything she says), says Sabra is always a revelation. Then she says she wants to talk about the things she didn't like. This means she shuts up, blessedly. She turns to look over at Nigel, and just when you think we might get out of this night unscathed, Mary screeches. As television catchphrases go, she's more annoying than Urkel. Nigel says Tyce's choreography forces you to perform, and calls it a wonderful performance, and he's sure they'll be on the show next week.

Next up: Sara and Danny are doing a Shane Sparks routine. We flashback to Shane saying it's going to be a mistake putting Danny on the show, and Shane, present-day, says Danny really surprised him, and one day he's going to feel he was privileged to work with him. "He totally changed my mind," says Sparks, like he's going to say, "Yeah, I was totally right about Danny: he sucks." "Push It" by Salt-N-Pepa. Excellent. I could not be happier with this song choice, unless maybe somebody busts out some "Pump Up the Volume" by MARRS. Sara and Danny are old-schooled out, in T-shirts with "Push It" spray-painted on, and berets. Only -- am I crazy? Did this not start out especially strong? I'm sure I saw a lot of the same moves at my junior-high talent show when this song was originally released, aside from some of their interlocking robot routine towards the end, which was pretty cool. I was disappointed, especially after Shane Sparks' Transformers routine from last week. I know Sara's capable of more; maybe Danny isn't (as far as hip-hop goes) and he just couldn't match her. On the plus side: floor humping. When in doubt, hump the floor.

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