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Adam calls it really hot. He says krumping is all character, all explosion. He says "hot" again. Mary says they had all kinds of energy at the beginning, but it started to die towards the midsection and onwards. She says the word "gangsta." She and Nigel both admit they don't know anything about krumping. Neither do I. Of course, I'm not two-thirds of the judges on a dancing idol show. Nigel says there's a line between hip-hop and krumping, and he wasn't sure he got that. Yeah, I'm still confused as to why, if this is "krumping," it's necessary for it be considered distinct from hip-hop. While Cat's giving out the numbers, Dominic wraps himself around her, and Deeley has to shoehorn him off and orders him to paw at Lauren instead.

Neil's dancing with Lacey this week; they're doing Latin jazz and contemporary. Choreographer Maria Torres had a "special move" that she calls the "crunch," which involves Lacey leaping into a kind of one-handed lift by Neil. They spend the rest of the rehearsal clips worrying about whether or not they're going to be able to pull it off. "Acid" by Ray Baretto is the track. Neil is actually shirtless. I suppose if my abs looked like that, I'd go shirtless a lot more often. ["Yeah. I don't watch this show, but I was flipping past it at the beginning of Neil's routine and, suffice it to say, I stuck around until his segment was over." -- Joe R] They seem to do the lift okay -- although it looks like since rehearsal Neil's been instructed to use his other hand as well, so I guess he couldn't do it. The dancing itself, while looking pretty good to my untrained eye, doesn't seem all that emotional. Lacey does a little bit of her sexpot-imitation but there is no spark between them; even I can see that. So Neil going shirtless doesn't seem sensual so much as "damn, I forgot to put on a shirt."

Adam makes a joke about how if Neil gets a lot of votes, this'll turn into So You Think You Can Dance In The Nude. He calls them beautiful dancers. He points out that Lacey almost never looks at her partner; she's always looking out, in contrast with Neil, who seems very focused on her. He tells Neil to be careful of levels, and not to be at "11" the entire time. Mary says the chemistry just wasn't there at all. "It's what I call a 'forced chemistry,'" she says, after the boos die down. She busts on Neil a little bit for not looking at Lacey enough, especially during what's supposed to be a passionate Latin dance. Adam has to interrupt by saying that he never got the impression that they wanted to tear each other limb from limb (note to Adam: that would indicate they hate each other -- I think you mean it didn't look like they wanted to tear each others' clothes off). Nigel says it needed to be sexier, more passionate, and agrees that there was no chemistry. They need to use each other better, and says they looked like dance-school pupils, and sexiness is more than just Neil coming out with his shirt off.; Cat bites on a finger and nods excitedly at Neil's sexiness. So week in, week out, the judges drool over how hot particular contestants are, but now it's gotta be all about techniqu, right? And given the chance to respond, Neil shrugs off what the judges said and says he was happy with his performance.

Pasha and Sabra are the last pairing, and they're going to be dancing Broadway and the quick step. First up: Broadway with Tyce Diorio. It's a "wild party dance," according to Pasha. They're going to be all over the place.

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