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Cat's in a sparkly turquoise number this week, looking even taller than normal, and makes another "jidges" joke.

Adam Shankman, choreographer of Hairspray, is the guest judge this week. Cat asks what he's been up to since the last time, and he plugs Hairspray, which Nigel points out has had the highest grossing opening weekend of any musical of all time. Wow. With all the musicals Hollywood puts out, that's amazing. Then Adam makes a Paris Hilton joke, which was fun for everybody. Nigel talks about how the show's a bit of lottery these days, what with randomly drawing the partner you're going to work with, as well as the choreographer you're going to work with. Then Mary tops him in the uselessness department by giggling about the diamonds she's wearing, as though that has anything to do with anything.

Danny's paired up with Sara this week, and they're dancing the Argentine tango and hip-hop. Alex da Silva is doing the tango choreography, which involves Sara kicking up through his legs. During rehearsal, Danny holds a clipboard over his crotch so Sara won't castrate him. "Whatever Lola Wants," by Sarah Vaughn and Gotan Project, is the music of choice. The crotch kick comes early on, and it looks like Sara doesn't de-ball him. She does seem to have some issues getting through his legs. He's in a suit; she looks like a wannabe Argentinean Pussycat Doll, complete with a fan. At one point, Danny leaves Sarah lying on the stage fanning herself, while he pirouettes. They perform a nifty human pretzel move, with Sara's legs going up and over and under and over. In the end, Danny finishes with a flip and whips out his own fan to cool himself off.

Adam says he would have thought Sara and Danny would be a mismatch, but this was "un-beepin'-real." He says he's proud of Sara, calling her the most transformed dancer on the show, because there wasn't a trace of B-girl in that dance. Then he says Danny has the best centre of anyone he's ever seen in his life, and he's probably the best male dancer ever on this show. Not to oversell it or anything. He says he's not sure about Danny's fan, though, since it wasn't very "butch." Well, if anyone would know, it's this guy. Mary praises Danny's technique (specifically the pirouettes and how he came out of them), although she's not sure of the appropriateness of the flip in an Argentinean tango. Nigel liked it, although he would have liked to see more performance-wise from Sara, in her face. He loved the pretzel. He also praises Danny's centre. As for the flip? He figures it's not traditionally done in the tango because the dancers aren't capable of it. That doesn't sound right to me. So no matter the style of dance, if you can do a flip like that, you should do it. Sure. And opera singers should go all Mariah-Carey-melismatic if they can.

Dominic's paired with Lauren, this week. They're going to be krumping and rhumbaing. "Lil' C" is going to choreograph the krump, which Lauren explains has a slow movement but is still "so fast." This clears up nothing for me. "I Get Money" by 50 Cent is the music. From the outset, it appears Dominic's going to do the entire routine holding his balls. This turns out to not be the case. In retrospect, that might have been the most interesting thing in what was a really underwhelming routine. We've seen so many better routines than this. It's a lot of arm-swinging and stomping, and they don't seem too terribly synchronized. The entwined flips at the end are cool, but it's too little, too late, and Lauren even stumbles and falls as she attempts to run over a crouched Dominic's back. It ends sloppily.

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