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First up, Cat has the girls with her and after Witney comments that this feels like déjà vu to be standing up there together, Nigel reminds us that these two have danced together and known each other for years. After praising them both, he announces that they are keeping Witney. She's stunned. Lindsay, on the other hand, again seems unsurprised and incredibly gracious about the outcome even though she is sad.

After her highlight package, she gets a standing ovation from the judges and a big hug from Cat. Cole and Will are then called up and Nigel notes how opposite the two of them are from each other. Not least of which is the fact that Cole only comes up to Will's shoulder, which is kind of hilarious because I really hadn't realized just how wee he is until now. Nigel then announces that they are going to save Cole and Will also seems unsurprised. He also gets a huge round of applause and ovation and Cat reminds us all that we have to vote.

As the credits roll, the other dancers (all-stars included) grab Will and Lindsay in big hugs that seem to say that these two were really genuinely liked among the group.

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So You Think You Can Dance




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