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Chehon is doing a tango with Anya and claims from his first audition that he has no idea what he's doing. The music is "Breathing Below Surface" by Jesse Cook. Chehon is able to fake it somewhat because he can lift Anya, and Anya is, well, Anya, but he doesn't impress me with his own dancing. I guess I'm in the minority because the judges give him a standing ovation and everyone gushes that they got chills. Mary actually calls this her favorite performance of all night, and then puts Chehon on the Hot Tamale Train. Sigh. I dislike that train as much as I like hearing her actual expert take on ballroom. Jesse loves it, no surprise there, and tries to make his own "Hot Jalapeno Bus" happen. Okay, I actually kind of love that. Nigel applauds the choreography and says that they have the connection everyone else was missing. I suppose the result of this is that now I know I really am cold and dead inside, I guess.

The final hometown visit is with Cyrus, who grew up in Dallas, Texas. He shows an amazing picture of his dad from the '70s (I'm guessing) and they look EXACTLY alike. His dad passed away when Cyrus was ten but Cyrus gives his mom credit for being there for him through that and supporting him and his dancing all the way. His solo is what it always is -- full of crazy, unbelievable movements and the judges go bonkers for him.

The last routine of the night is a Mandy Moore routine for Tiffany and Ade to "The Power of Love" by Celine Dion. I missed Ade; it makes me so happy to see him again. I have the same reaction to Tiffany that Joe does -- I really like her but just somehow keep forgetting she is on the show. I'm sorry, Tiffany! You're crazy talented and deserve better! The dance is great -- there are all sorts of insane lifts and Ade just throws her around with ease while she's got amazing control and makes it look flowing and effortless and beautiful. The judges give her a standing ovation, and she's in tears before they even speak. Jesse can't even believe the crazy lifts and he's ready to leave so he doesn't have to cut anyone this week. Mary tells her that it was her best routine this season. Nigel expected this pairing to be great and tells them that it absolutely was. He compliments Tiffany's humble nature and heaps deserved praise on her for her performance.

But now, it is time to bring everyone back and see who is safe and who is not. Cat reminds us of each of the routines that the girls did last week and then has Lindsay and Witney step forward to tell them that they are the bottom two. Witney looks for one moment like she might vomit, while Lindsay seems unsurprised and is able to give a smile. Cat then goes through the boys' routines and has Cyrus and Chehon step forward; in a twist from the way she announced girls, those two are safe while Cole and Will are on the chopping block.

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