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Chehon gets the next package; he was born in Chicago where his parents adopted him and his two brothers. He went abroad to dance at 14 and his parents missed him but knew he had to go try it out, and he wants to make them proud. There's more emotion in his voice in those few sentences than we have yet seen from him all season. His solo is absolutely beautiful and earns him a standing ovation from the audience and judges. When he's finished, he's crying because his mom is there for the first time all season and he's so emotional that even Cat gets teary.

Lindsay is paired with one of my favorite dancers of all time, Alex, for another Sonya routine that Lindsay tells us is full of sexual tension. They are dancing to "Somebody that I Used to Know" by Gotye featuring Kimbra, and honestly I'm surprised it took so many episodes for someone to use this song. I'll try to pry my eyes away from Alex's abs for long enough to talk about the dance, which is really great. Sonya has finally figured out how to keep her quirky sensibility while mellowing out and giving us things with a slightly different feel, and to me, this is the best job Lindsay has done outside of her own style this season. Nigel applauds their technique, but admits he didn't feel the sexual tension between them; I will actually agree with that because they were great together but there wasn't that extra layer of electricity. Mary agrees that they didn't have the chemistry, but their dancing was fantastic. Jesse gives the most critique I think he ever has, admitting that he agrees about the lack of emotional connection but gives them an A+++ otherwise for the dancing.

Will is now up for his partner dance with Lauren, doing a Christopher Scott hip-hop. Will is dancing his pain away and Lauren is... his mind? We'll see how this actually works on stage. The real challenge is that Will has to be serious during this dance. He starts out on a giant sofa as "Dance My Pain Away (District 78 Remix)" by Wye Oak starts up. Lauren appears behind the couch, mirroring his tortured movements. He can't help pulling a few faces but he actually does a really great job. I think his faces distract me from his talent sometimes but this time, with it under control, he is awesome. Mary loved the routine and thought his moves were precise and perfect rather than all over the place like he usually is. Jesse appreciates seeing him get serious for a moment and uses Will's story from earlier to reiterate how important the arts are in school. (He's right!) Nigel thought he did a great job too, but all the judges are so subdued that I fear this might be the last week for Will. We'll see.

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