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Will is from Michigan, and it comes as no surprise to me that he was the class clown. He was also a chubby, awkward kid and his mom was the one who decided to try putting him in dance class. He's actually really emotional as he talks about dance allowing him to channel his energy and find a real purpose, and says that dance really saved his life. I'm constantly amazed at how he can move his body given his giant frame and I say that as a tall, long-limbed person myself. It's another good, if not earth-shattering, solo.

Cole is dancing a Sonya routine with all-star Alison and he's playing a "soulless, sadistic man" against Alison's desperate woman. They really want Cole to be Mark or Kupono, in a big way, and while he's a really interesting dancer, he's not there yet for me. They dance to "Possibly Maybe" by Björk. Alison is just stunning; her moves and body control only get better and better with each year. Cole actually does a good job being his own kind of sinister and not just a weak Mark, but it's hard for me to tear my eyes from Alison during the routine and it sounds like the judges felt the same. Jesse gushes over everything and tries to remember to include Cole as he bows down to Alison. Mary tells her it's the best routine she has done on the show and then remembers that she's not the one competing and adds that if Cole keeps it up at this level he might make it to the finale. Nigel tells Cole he always brings uniqueness to his dances but admits it was hard to watch him because Alison was so good. He's given credit as being the strongest partner she's had yet this season but really, everyone this year is in her giant shadow.

Lindsay grew up in Utah, dancing with her sisters at her mom's dance studio. Two of the teachers there are Mark Ballas of Dancing With the Stars and his mom Shirley, and Lindsay credits them with helping her dancing out a ton. Lindsay's solo is actually one of the more interesting I've seen from a ballroom dancer; it's always so hard for them to do their own thing for 30 seconds but she manages a sort of solo tango that's cool in that it's not just the normal quick Latin steps that are (understandably) what most ballroom dancers fall back on.

Eliana is paired with Ryan from Season 6 and they get the dreaded quickstep, choreographed by Jonathan Roberts. (This is quite the heavy DwtS segment.) The story of the dance is that Ryan is a businessman and she's a bored housewife, which is seems to be a not-uncommon theme for choreographers. They're dancing to "That Man" by Caro Emerald. Eliana is magic and I know that because she makes this quickstep look amazing, when often I watch this particular style cringing from behind my hands because it is so difficult and very often goes very badly. I don't think I've ever given Ryan credit for being great at his own style, either. We'll see what Mary has to say about her footwork, but to me, this is phenomenal. While she has a couple of quibbles about her frame, that's the only tiny thing Mary can nitpick about because she was otherwise completely amazing. Jesse: "Holy smokies, Lord have Murphy!" He remembers Eliana from her audition and basically adores her above all others. Nigel is super impressed and says that technically she was about as good as any non-ballroom girl on the show thus far. She was already my favorite dancer and this routine only cements that even further.

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