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Tonight's opening dance is to "Run Boy Run" by Woodkid and is a contemporary piece by a new choreographer, Peter Chu. The girls are in red and black Chinese dresses, dancing with fans, and the guys are in black turtlenecks and pants. It's fun, if not terribly noteworthy. I will be the first to admit, though, that I hold all group dances up against my favorite of the whole show, "Ramalama," which isn't just my favorite group dance but my favorite dance of the entire series, period. The dancers tonight weren't quite as in sync as I would have liked, but it was enjoyable.

After introducing Peter, Cat introduces the judges; this week Nigel and Mary are joined by SYTYCD favorite Jesse Tyler Ferguson. She then tells us that this week we're learning all about who the dancers are and how they grew up.

Tiffany is from South Florida, so she grew up in a bathing suit on a boat. She started dancing when her older sister took it up, and there is a lot of cute footage of the two dancing together as kids. Her parents are super proud of her, of course. She then comes out and does a solo -- so I guess that means everyone is doing solos tonight? It's nice, lots of leg extension, but doesn't blow my socks off. Afterward, though, her mom and sister are awfully cute in the crowd, holding up posters and cheering loudly.

The first couple of the night is Witney and Twitch. I'm excited to see this -- the one issue I have with the format this year is that we didn't necessarily see the dancers do as many dances outside of their own styles and therefore out of their comfort zones as perhaps we have in years past. They are with another first-time choreographer, Luther Brown. He tells us that they are doing East Coast hip-hop and Witney seems adorably confused. They dance to "My Homies Still" by Lil Wayne feat. Big Sean. Both are wearing all black, and Witney's got a black velvet coat and some awkward semi-Hammer pants on. But she full-on COMMITS to the dance and does a great job holding her own against Twitch. It's not the craziest choreography, but she manages to get down in a way I think most non-hip-hoppers never quite manage. Nigel loves it, and Twitch is adorably proud too. The judges all absolutely adore her and give her massive credit for getting down and dirty as none of them expected from a nice ballroom dancer from Utah. Jesse and his bow tie have a fanboy moment over Twitch and he awesomely shows us that the producers have given him cards so that he will know the dancers' names and we don't have another "Titch" moment like we did with the Ballet Boys a few weeks ago. Basically, it's a massive lovefest.

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