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Hee! The boos start to rain down as Cat asks the audience to leave. It's like the lights coming up in the bar after lights out. You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here, folks.

Back from the break, the theatre is indeed empty. Cat says "lockdown situation" again, but the exit was rather uneventful. I wouldn't have minded seeing a little more tear gas and truncheons, myself.

On stage are Lauren and Sabra, in the spotlight. "It's time to find out who has made it into the finale." Cat asks if the "gulls" are ready. Lauren jokingly says no -- and after Cat opens the envelope, it turns out Lauren's gone. The judges do their best to make their applause fill up the entire hall. Cat asks the judges what they think. Nigel says, "Lauren knows, I've said before, that Lauren was always going to be one of my favourite dancers in this competition. She should be very proud of herself to be here now." He says she peaked a little too late for the public. Mary says she loved Lauren from the second she saw her, and has graced the stage with "class" and "elegance." Debbie spouts some of her nonsense about how Lauren has been part of a show that has "evangelized" dance and so the world will know her name. I do not believe any of these things to be true. But Debbie's so nice. Lauren says she had a wonderful time performing for everyone, and it's the best opportunity she's ever had. She starts to get a little misty-eyed, and we get a video montage in which the producers managed to find some shots of Lauren mugging for the camera. Nice job!

Pasha and Neil get called up. Cat notes how eerie it is to hear almost no applause as they do this. Well, I expect the eliminated dancer might as well get used to being applauded for everything he does. And that dancer will be Pasha. Neil's through to the finale. Neil almost doesn't react at first -- I think he was genuinely surprised. Pasha accepts the verdict with his usual stoicism. Nigel tells him that he's grown every week and is a wonderful partner. "Outside of your dancing, you're such a warm, charismatic person," he says, adding that Pasha is a "charming gentleman" and was a pleasure to have on the show. Cat points out that Pasha's one of her favourites. "He is one of my favourites, and it is really hard," she says, waving a hand in front of her face. Either she's trying to ward off tears, or waving away another Nigel Lythgoe fart cloud. She calls him a "great ambassador" for ballroom dancing, and she is genuinely near tears. Aw. Debbie goes on about ten and a half million people knowing his name, and so he should take some acting lessons because there's no end of the road for him, and blah blah blah. Yep, ten and a half million people know his name, Debbie, and those ten and a half million people liked the other two guys better. Pasha's video montage has the added bonus of giving us some footage of his former partner Anya.

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