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The first session took place in South Central L.A., and we see Nigel talking to a bunch of dance instructors in a gym, and then some woman who doesn't get identified thanks the show because their dance instructors will get help from the best in the world. Nigel tells a bunch of bored-looking instructors that they'll give them the "seeds" to bring back to their pupils. And this way, people won't forget that dancing even exists, which is apparently what normally happens when So You Think You Can Dance goes off the air. Thanks, crazy British guy! They're going to be doing hip-hop with Shane Sparks and contemporary with Mia Michaels. To Nigel, this is awesome because they'd never get the chance to do contemporary with Mia Michaels in their entire lives. He says these words out loud, and I'm not sure he realizes that I can think of bigger tragedies. But I do like the idea of charity programs that aren't about just money or food. I like the idea of programs that might find a spark in a student who might not otherwise get the chance to dance (even if the poor guy never ever gets choreographed by Mia Michaels -- can you even imagine?). Shane works the crowd through some hip-hop moves, and then the six finalists are trotted out to be pretend celebrities.

And now a krumping performance by Lil' C and Tha Nephz-Squad. The song is "Nephz Up" by Tha J-Squad. I'm already so confused. I'm so old. Some dancer out and does a bunch of herky-jerky movements, then is joined by a couple of other guys do the same, and then out comes Lil' C, and everyone flaps their arms around a bunch of times. Thanks for that, guys. Say hi to the lambada, the Macarena, and the vogue for us when you see them.

Back from commercial, Cat plugs the dance tour again, and then we recap the girls' performances from last week. Then Cat announces that the first girl who's made it to Wednesday's finale is…Lacey. Whether it's Sabra or Lauren who joins her will be revealed…after the break. The next break, or some break after that. My god, there's still twenty-five minutes left, people.

We recap the guys next, and when that's all done, Cat announces that the first guy in the finale is Danny.

Then this: Cat announces they have some "bad news" for the studio audience. The audience is already upset, even though they don't know what's going on. "As you know, tonight we are not broadcasting live. The show you're watching at home was recorded on Thursday. This is so that the top four have time to rehearse for the finale." Well -- wouldn't they have had the exact same amount of time if the show was broadcast last week? I get it -- they weren't going to be able to broadcast, but did the show anyway. Okay. Sounds all right. Except this part's not going to sit right with the audience: "To protect the integrity of the show and ensure the viewers at home get the results at the same time as everybody else, we've decided to clear the studio and create a lockdown situation, before we reveal who your votes have sent home." Wow. Cat says "lockdown situation" like there's been a bomb threat at the G8.

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