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Back from commercial, Cat tells us that they're going to give all the top six one last chance to strut their stuff. Sabra's up first, dancing to Fosse's "I Gotcha." I'm not familiar. But the dancers could spend the rest of the show dancing to Nickleback for all I care, and the Tom Waits would still make up for it. She leaps and twirls in a pink and black skirt and matching sparkly top. Her afro is gone, replaced by her hair pulled back tight into a ponytail. It's okay. I find these solo routines more boring than anything these days, even when they're well done, as Sabra's is. Lauren's up next, (dancing to Pat Benetar's "Heartbreaker," awesome) and again, boring, even despite an extended pirouette. Maybe it's because the dances are too short so the performers don't have much choice but to cram in as many leaps and flips as they can; there's just a sameness. Maybe they should get more time, so they can actually choreograph something? Lauren grins the whole way through, but at least Lauren always looks like she's genuinely enjoying herself. And finally, girlwise, there's Lacey, dancing to "What I Like About You" by Lillix, which combines one of the most overplayed songs in the entire world with a band I've never heard of. Apparently they're from Cranbrook. Like Steve Yzerman! …God, I miss hockey. Again: I will not remember anything about any of these routines an hour from now, let alone next week. But it will be awhile before I forget Dominic doing his chair-pretzel thing.

So this Anchorwoman show: Fox wants to know what happens when a bikini model becomes a television anchorwoman. Kind of a ridiculous premise, if you ask me. Do they really expect us to believe that television personalities will ever be chosen for their looks instead of their abilities? Riiiiiiight.

Top three guys' solos: Pasha, dancing to the Cherry Poppin' Daddies' "Zoot Suit Riot." Shirtless with suspenders, one of which pops off at the end. He forgot his shirt again! Neil's dancing to Rob Thomas -- I refuse to say any more. Just know that, again, it's nothing we haven't seen before. At least Neil isn't blatantly begging for votes by going shirtless again. I guess I was wrong when I said the Tom Waits would make up for everything. Danny's dancing, to Robin Thicke's "2 The Sky." Unless Prince wrote that song, shut up, Robin Thicke. I suppose it could be worse; he could just be singing the Growing Pains theme song.

So in this show's own version of Idol Cares…This Week, it's something the show arranged through the L.A.'s mayor's office: Choreographers will be passing on their expertise to after-school dance teachers in some of L.A.'s most challenged neighbourhoods.

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